Half-Life 3 fan campaign staging mass gameplay session

Steam group A Call for Communication (Half-Life), which boasts more than than 29,500 members, has organised a huge Half-Life 2 play session this weekend, designed to raise awareness of its campaign by boosting the game up Steam's most-played list.

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PamPoovey2304d ago

I love how organizaed the Steam forums are

ATi_Elite2304d ago

Yes they are very organized and have some power!


They don't listen too well sometimes. Gabe Newell has said "No news on HL2 ep3 until after CS:GO and DotA 2 are released.

right now it's all hands on deck on those 2 important projects. Ep 3 may not see the light of day until Next console Gen to maximize profits!

I do not wanna see HL2 ep 3 pirated all to hell on the PC so I'm glad Gabe is waiting.

HL2 PC did 9 million easy but of course times have changed.

CHARLIEBROWNE2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Gabe newell?

MEsoJD2303d ago

Why can't Valve just tell us whether it's being made or not?


I hear your pain and it is so frustrating not getting any news for so long. but i can sense something being teased soon.

Plagasx2303d ago

Valve still won't give a fuck.

DethWish2303d ago

Le instant gratification ADD kids, learn to wait

ASDK12302303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

EP2 was released in 2007.
People swear by this series and are just asking for a simple "yes its being developed / in development" or "no its not being developed anymore / ever" reply.

After so many years of being trolled by valve it would be nice to get a straight answer for once lol