Sniper Elite V2: No "Cheap Port" for PC, says Rebellion

GamerZines writes:

In an exclusive interview with GamerZines, Sniper Elite V2's producer Steve Hart has revealed that the PC version of the WWII title will be "something special" and not just another "cheap port".

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ATi_Elite2334d ago

Even though Sniper Ghost warrior 2 will be running on the nifty CryEngine 3 my only interest is Sniper Elite v2.

SEv2 has far superior game play, tactics, and over all game quality.

just goes to show you graphics are not everything cause that's all Sniper Ghost warrior 2 is is a graphics Demo when compared to Sniper Elite v2.

rattletop2334d ago

sniper elite is made by rebellion and sniper ghost warrior is made by city interactive. am i right?

Pandamobile2334d ago

Not too worried. The PC version of AVP was pretty darn good.

brettyd2334d ago

Really looking forward to this game, i love world war 2 games but they got really stale. This game looks very unique.

ATi_Elite2334d ago

if you like World War II games you should play Red Orchestra 2!