Battlefield 3 programmer quizzes Twitter on favourite eye-candy

A Battlefield 3 programmer quizzes Twitter followers on what type of technical wizardry gets their eyes the most excited – and seems pleased with the response.

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AstroZombie12212d ago

How about not blinding me with the sun... oh sorry I meant a tiny fucking flashlight in broad daylight.

Incipio2212d ago

I hate that. I understand the laser screwing with your vision, but the flashlights?? Probably one of the more annoying things about BF3. Tons of n00bs running around with auto shotguns and flashlights. So ridiculous. It seems like the Call of Duty feeling is just inescapable these days.

BattleTorn2212d ago

The funny part of the flashlights are the snipers who forget to turn them off.

You can see them from so far away; spotting a sniper is so easy, and it gives you something to aim at.

Who do they think they're blinding? ...the bush they're laying in?

torchic2212d ago

and apparently, they patched the flashlights. it still feels like having the power of Helios attached to your weapon.

sometimes it's so bright I have to physically squint at the TV. smh DICE

Solid_Snake372211d ago

Good one lol, power of Helios rofl

pc_masterrace2212d ago

she's so damn sexy. *drools*

Incipio2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

I think the most important piece of eye candy in any video game is shadowing for *all* world objects and characters. Gives weight and presence to everything.

Without it, games (like Oblivion, Fallout 3/NV, and now Skyrim) seem to lack realism.

kramun2212d ago

Doesn't make your game run very fast though. I understand your reasoning as most games could benefit from it, although I question why you would need to mention bethesdas games as your only example of games that lack realism.

Hufandpuf2212d ago

She worked on Assassins creed 2 which was the most improved one IMO.

scrambles2212d ago

well duh they didnt just ride the money train until after that. Pray to jesus assassins creed 3 will bring as much innovation as #2 or i doubt ill buy it. I already regret #2.5.

BattleTorn2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

what about 2.5.5? (*presumming Brotherhood was #2.5)

pandehz2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Environmental lighting.

Even bland looking games can look decent with good lighting.

Btw shes not bad eye candy either.

BraveToaster2212d ago

I agree with the first 2 lines

scottyd2212d ago

She no longer works at DICE.

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