PS+ February Preview: Free The Simpsons Arcade Game, Far Cry 2, Final Fantasy V and More

PS Blog writes: "February is nearly here, so it’s time to have a look at what’s coming to PlayStation Plus.

To start, we’re excited to bring new release The Simpsons Arcade Game as a free offering for PlayStation Plus subscribers! Releasing on February 7th, subscribers will be able to relive this classic title remastered in HD, complete with the online four-player cooperative play it’s famous for. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Plus subscribers will have access to download a bonus PS3 full game – Far Cry 2."

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NukaCola2393d ago

I am so proud to be a PS+ member! We are not treated badly.

Ocelot5252393d ago

let me correct that, you are proud to be a US PS+ member,

We got more shit in the eu,
example: last month you guys got all the syphon filter games, we got arc the lad : english version. note that we already got the jap. version of arc the lad a few months ago.

DigitalRaptor2393d ago

EU PS+ is getting all this content for Feb.

But I agree, we could be treated better. I still think it's worth it for the discounts alone. Free games and other content such as Betas and Demos are an added bonus. My yearly PS+ membership has paid for itself.

guitarded772393d ago

Holy $h!t that's a lot of content for this month... the most valuable feature is still the cloud saves. When my original FAT PS3 died, I found out how valuable it really is. I already have Far Cry 2 and the SEGA Genesis games (available earlier on PS+), but Simpsons, FFV, the 2 minis and the 6 other PSN games are all gonna be downloaded by this guy. Months like this make up for the crappy months where they offer stuff I already have.

Dac2u2393d ago

I can't wait until next week, I love the Simpson's Arcade game. The only beat-em up arcade game I liked better was TMNT.

Prototype2393d ago

What about X-Men arcade? TMNT was the shit I'm not gonna lie

antz11042393d ago

WOW....was just trying a trial of PS Plus....definitely going to keep it!


Dac2u2393d ago

I love X-men also, but for me it's a close 3rd place, maybe it's because I've played it so much more than the other two.

antz11042393d ago

All they need now is the AVP arcade game that let you choose two people or two preds. Best game ever.

mstoner822393d ago

Oh man, the old AvP was awesome. I miss the days of old beat 'em ups like this. It would be sweet to see a new one using newer graphics a la SFIV. I would play the hell out of a TMNT or Double Dragon again. I'm excited for this though. Just signed up for plus again last month!

hazardman2393d ago

Xmen Arcade is awesome, but I wish they gave it a better HD remake!

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FACTUAL evidence2393d ago

Here we go with the redistribution of titles We've already have gotten.....I would be happy for farcry 2 if I didn't buy it nearly 4 years ago...Sometimes I don't think sony thinks about the people who've bought a yearly subscription....I have like maybe 2-3 months of plus left, and I'm not going to renew it until a feature comes out.

I can literally count on one hand the stuff that came useful to me during he whole year of ps+. Not saying it's a bad service but I guess it isn't for everyone. I just hope the time PS4 get's announced sony revamps the psn because sometimes I wonder about the ps+ survey sony wanted us to take about request....Anywho, it's nice for the members who are getting their monies worth. Please no one tell me about games that they've got from ps+ i don't want to hear've gotten the SAME GAMES...and I could tell you I don't even play them and they're FREE. W/E though, I'll see if plus evolves some more this year.

Rainstorm812393d ago

people like you are amusing to me

MrBeatdown2393d ago

"Sometimes I don't think sony thinks about the people who've bought a yearly subscription"


PS+ is guaranteed to have one PSN game, one PS1 game, and two minis each month, none of which are guaranteed to be new releases.

This month you're getting one PSN game on release day, 12 extra PSN games, and a full retail game in addition to all the usual stuff. Out of all that content, only the Genesis games have been offered before. There's a ton of new content for those with the yearly subscription.

TheTwelve2393d ago

The Playstation Plus h8ers didn't do very well on this thread.

shoddy2393d ago

Yo man i love the auto update and cloud save storage function.

BitbyDeath2393d ago

@Factual evidence, PS Plus is not all about you.
There are other people in this world other than yourself, learn to deal with it.

thedude442393d ago

people like you do not amuse me.

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yesmynameissumo2393d ago

I don't see how anyone can complain about PS+ with the amount and quality of free games you get.

jwk942393d ago

The only thing I can see to complain about is that those games are just rentals.

Rainstorm812393d ago

funny thing is alot of games arent tied to PS+, my subscription expired and half the "free" games still worked... i have since renewed, and it is completely worth it, but unfortunately some people must find a reason why its a bad deal

GraveLord2393d ago

Just like Xbox Live Gold is a rental pass for your online games. Once it expires say goodbye to online gameplay.

jwk942393d ago

Excuse me? I have a PS+ Sub too so there's no reason to be hostile, i love the service for all it's worth, it made me buy infamous 1. But yeah, those free games are really just rentals since they lock after your sub is done. I'm not complaining, they're free, i'm just saying.

Navick2393d ago

Your life is a rental... You eventually die and will not be able to take any of your games with you. Now if you don't let your membership expire (that is if you find the fountain of youth, jk ;P) then they aren't just rentals.

ziggurcat2392d ago

@ jwk94

honestly, once you're finished any of the free games that you get from PS+ i don't see the need to keep them stored on your system's HDD...

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Neo Nugget2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Wow. That's a surprising amount of quality content.

FFV? O_o

...and if that Simpsons game is the only I'm thinking of I'm gonna be a very happy gamer ^_^

yesmynameissumo2393d ago

You thinking of the old school arcade game? Cause that's what it HD with 4 player online co-op. I can't wait!

despair2393d ago

holy crap thats an insane number of free games...loving plus even more for February.

MGRogue20172393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

They're technically not free because the minute PS+ members stop paying for PS+ service, It's all taken away from them.

It's something I dislike about PS+, really.. PS+ members are being forced to keep paying to keep all of their content.. kind of lame. There is a tiny amount of content that PS+ members can keep forever but they are usually not as high quality as the content you have to stay on PS+ subscription in order to keep.

@ below, I don't have Netflix where I live so I can't go into that.

yesmynameissumo2393d ago

Kinda like how the minute you stop paying for Netflix, you can't watch the movies. Where's the bitching about that?

SaffronCurse2393d ago

With the amount of content that is given to ps+ members,has much more value than paying a gold subscription to xbox live.

MrBeatdown2393d ago

If I'm getting this much content, I see no reason to stop subscribing.

despair2393d ago

yea we're "forced" right, because every month we get new games and bonuses and so many other things, not to mention cloud storage, automatic downloads etc. Forced is what Microsoft does to let you play online games.

I clearly remember gritting my teeth to buy a XBLive subscription and thinking about the 50 bucks I had to spend (well more like 35 with amazon deals) but with plus I don't feel that at all. This talk about rental and forcing users is bull, I knew what it was before I signed up and I know what it is more than a year and a half laters and its still amazing. And even more funny is that with every new game the "rental" gets more value.

I've played dozens of games free, great ones, good ones and crappy ones, I've gotten into betas, become a Qore fan, used cloud storage and automatic downloads a lot more than I ever thought and still enjoy seeing the little Plus sign next to my PSN ID.

If thats the definition of getting ripped off or forced into keep subscribing then I'm ok with that.

BitbyDeath2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

@enkeixpress, your renting in this life as well. As soon as you stop paying for food you lose your rights for everything.

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Wintersun6162393d ago

Never been too interested in Far Cry 2, but might as well check it out, since I get it for free. :)

GamerSciz2393d ago

I know right...also now I get to try and find the "Jackal" I suppose.

jdfoster2393d ago

It's good game. You just need patience. :p It's quite 'slow' in some aspects. Good map creation tool though and I loved the story though it was very slow paced. (Hated the checkpoints throughout the game! You'll know what i'm on about when you play it.)

despair2393d ago

platinum would be a bitch as well, judging by the trophies....and if you're into that.

Robotronfiend2393d ago

The plat is indeed a bitch. Probably a 9/10 difficulty (Wipeout HD being a 10 and Hanna Montana being a 1). The online based trophies could take up to 100 hours to complete without boosting. Hopefully the game being free will bolster the online community for those who want to trophy hunt.