DJP: We Chat To Final Fantasy’s Main Music Man Nobuo Uematsu

DJP's Dan:

"For our second piece of Final Fantasy content this week, we’re bringing you our second interview that we did whilst at the Royal Albert Hall in November. Yesterday saw us bring you our interview with lead conductor Arnie Roth and today, we present to you our chat with Nobuo Uematsu, the man responsible for most of Final Fantasy’s music since the game was created. Uematsu composed all of Final Fantasy’s music until Final Fantasy IX and contributed a sizable chunk to Final Fantasy X. Since then, Uematsu has moved onto other titles including oft forgotten Xbox 360 gem Lost Odyssey, and the upcoming Wii RPG The Last Story."

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Magnus2301d ago

Still wish Nobuo did more FF music I like him as much as Yasanori Mitsuda the mind behind Xenogears and Chrono Triggers music

CrescentFang2301d ago

Cool interview, but kind of short. RIP Black Mages, can't wait to see how the Earthbound Papas do though :)

Relientk772301d ago

He is the man

Thank you for the music