Mass Effect 3's Insanity mode will be more brutal than ever, says dev

Mass Effect 3 lead designer Preston Watamaniuk has revealed that the sci-fi sequel’s Insanity Mode is even tougher than previous games, and warned players must be extra vigilant or they’ll surely end up brown bread.

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gypsygib2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

I like insanity mode the most in ME1, in ME2 you were punished if you wanted to use your existing character because the early enemies were extremely level up.

TheROsingleB2333d ago

Playing ME2 in Insanity mode as an Adept was fun, up until the Scions were introduced. I hear other classes can take them down easier but holy sh*t, its a grind later on.

TheBrit2333d ago

I'm having a hard time on insanity on ME2 now that I'm revisiting it. Not looking forward to ME3 insanity lol

jmallymav2333d ago

On insanity mode for me2, you REALLY have to pay attention to what squad you have and the enemies in that battle, choosing your squad carefully b4 each combat is key.

cervantes992333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Insanity mode is best IMO. It forces you to use the right squad mates for the battle and utilize all your talents to the fullest.

A much better RPG experience in my mind.