Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Gameplay questions authenticity

Product-Reviews writes: We grew up playing the original on the PlayStation 1 so to see this third person shooter game before ours eyes is certainly a surprise and a stark contrast to see the direction of which Capcom has taken the game since Resident Evil 5. Of course, we all know that Resident Evil 6 is coming now, but we still didn’t expect the company to completely change the core elements of Resident Evil like we see here in Operation Raccoon City.

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StraightPath2388d ago

"... to see the direction of which Capcom has taken the game since Resident Evil 4."

that sounds better. Resident Evil Revelations feels like RE4 and now you can walk and shoot.

Greyfoxdbz2388d ago

Does this have a point system or some kind of performance indicator?

RedDead2388d ago

This is a spin off. It's a Tps squad based game. Set in the RE universe. It is also done by a team that doesn't have anything to do with the main RE team and thus affects nothing on actual cannon sequels to RE. Like revelations and RE6

Blaine2388d ago

The author seems to completely fail to understand the point of a spin-off. This is Operation Raccoon City, not RE6--ie they can make it as different from the core RE series as they want. For all intents and purposes, it may as well have been an RTS game!

Point is: RE:ORC should not be judged like it's part of the main series, and likewise people shouldn't expect the main series to undergo changes in direction based on how ORC plays. Depending on the game's success Capcom may, down the road, incorporate some of its mechanics into the core series, or not.

Think of it like a concept car; it may affect the company's future models, but rarely will you see it replace any of the company's showroom cars as is.