IGN Gives 2/10 to Wii's Billy The Wizard

IGN writes:

"There is actually a hint of cruelty in Nintendo allowing this game, and many of Conspiracy Entertainment's budget Wii games, to crowd shelves. They are just disappointment pressed into a disc, hidden inside a colorful box like some sort of gaming booby trap. Billy the Wizard is easily one of the worst games for the Wii and the kind of thing that kills momentum, much like that final crushing wave of crap that sealed the fate of the seemingly unstoppable Atari 2600."

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MK_Red3747d ago

Another 3rd party publisher unleashing it's worst game on Wii. Seriously, the Wii owners and Harry Potter fans should sue this company and their terrible ripoff game.

cooke153746d ago

The only games N4G cares about on Wii are the bad ones. Why is this?

Slayer OP3747d ago

Why is it that wii games keep getting insanely low ratings when they are not mainstream games?

MK_Red3747d ago

Maybe they are so bad that even as non main-stream games they still deserve really low scores.
Also, let's not forget that it's a bad port of an old PS2 game.

ta1snake3747d ago

Honestly, 80% plus games on the Wii are crap. That's sad.

cooke153746d ago

that leaves 20% of several hundred which is more than PS3 has

whoelse3747d ago

You wouldnt think that Wiis are so popular with these ratings.

Nintendo are the only ones you can and ever been able to accomplish good games on the console. 3rd parties have no hope and should turn to the 360 or PS instead.

MK_Red3747d ago

Actually, 3rd party devs have made some pretty good games for Wii. Zack & Wiki is easily one of the best games of 2007 and a classic adventure / puzzle game. No More Heroes is also another great game.

THE problem is that these great 3rd party games BOMB and almost no one buys them. So, the publishers start making low-to-no budget games that are:
1.Easy to develope for Wii thanks to it's low graphics.
2.Can add a simple motion sensetive move and call it a day.

Of course, games like Metroid Prime 3, Z&W and SMG show the true potential of Wii but when titles like Carvinal Games, Wii Play and Wii Fit sell, publishers know what is the easier way to easy money.
Just wait until WiiFit is released worldwide. Not only it will sell for millions, it will spawn millions of N64/PSone ugly party games that use Wii Fit's Balance Board.

crck3747d ago

That segment has no clue what a "good game" is. Hence it is very risky to waste a quality developer's time and resources to make a decent Wii game. Because even if it is good there is a chance that the Wii audience won't care or pick up on it because they don't read reviews or do any research. Publishers are figuring this out and as a result the Wii will become home to if it hasn't already, the most shovelware a single home console has seen in the last 20 years. Most Wii 3rd party publishers seem to be running under this business model. Develop a game for dirt cheap. Put the game in a colorful box to draw attention to it at stores then hope parents and non-gamers buy it because of the "bargain" price.

Razzy3747d ago

Doesn't Ninty have to approve this crap first? You'd think they'd reject this junk.

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The story is too old to be commented.