HonestGamers Review // Scarygirl

Charm is where Scarygirl scores many of its points. There is a good bit of variety in the levels and they're lushly drawn, ranging from forests to caves to underwater locales. There is a lot of detail in the background, like when I was wandering through a bandit-inhabited forest and seeing caged animals all over the place. Little touches like the "OH NO" (along with protagonist-themed skull-and-crossbones) that pops up on the screen after you've lost a life add to the grotesque-cute vibe this game pulls off so well. Each level is preceded by a bit of exposition, as a deep-voiced narrator gives you a hint as to what you'll be facing. There's not much of a plot, as the heroine seems to be looking for answers concerning the ominous nightmares marring her otherwise happy life with her octopus guardian, but with a game like this, does that really matter? Much like the classic Mario and Sonic games, the joy is in the playing…not in watching long-winded conversations.

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