Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Why It'll Never Be a GOTY Candidate, 8/10's Andy Fair reviews Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on 15th December 2007. In his conclusion, he explains why Uncharted is getting shut out of 'Game of the Year' awards and nominations:

"Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has been proclaimed by some as the best game so far for the PS3. While this is true to some extent, it has to be judged against the relative paucity of the console's current games catalogue. It's a bit like films that come out in January with posters proclaiming themselves the best film of the year.

So, while Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is possibly the best PlayStation 3 game to date, that doesn't have to be taken as seal of perfection.

Thankfully the game is still pretty damn good. There's enough to keep you coming back for more and the replay value is enhanced by the bonus features. On the first run the game is short enough that it's not a grind to replay on higher levels, but long enough to be enjoyable and entertaining.

The frenetic pace sustained throughout Uncharted helps to hide its flaws, but it's impossible to get round the fact that this game is flawed. The pace of the game is maintained by the fact that there are no loading pauses to speak of. Each chapter flows seamlessly into the next, and you're never left looking at a stats screen or standing in an elevator.

Naughty Dog set out with the intention of creating something new and different, and instead what it has ended up with is a game that feels somewhat schizophrenic in nature, but which still remains charming. Uncharted is really two separate games, the jumpy adventure part and the shooty combat part, and there isn't really anything that links these two together. The on-the-rails nature of the game only serves to emphasise the separateness of the component parts.

What we have here is a great looking, great sounding game that is let down by two different types of gameplay that jar together. It's a great platform to show what the PS3 is capable of, but it'll never be a GOTY candidate."

Rating: 8/10

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SeanScythe3843d ago

this guy is a loser he really needs to get the MSdick out his @ss. Look at all the other reviews and they all greatly disagree with his logic. Sounds like this guy is just throwing is no nothing opinion around to get hits to his site.

Violater3843d ago

seems the Nov sales figures has left some of the Ps3 haters with some sand in their Vag.

TANOD3843d ago

well said

MS moneyhatters strike again

Hatchetforce3843d ago

They are too late. Despite owning a 360 and fast PC, Uncharted is already MY Game of the Year and there is nothing some moronic no name columnist can say to change that fact.

wageslave3843d ago

What is wrong with this website?

15 agrees and 5 disagrees?

What does MS have to do with this? This man's 8 / 10 is right in line with the Metacritic score, 8.9 / 10 -- this is NOT a GotY candidate.

You people need to get your heads on straight. Jesus fing Christ.

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Rice3843d ago

and why he should never be a reviewer again.

Sevir043843d ago

Round peg is on a roll with finding negative Sony news, because positive ones aare too much for HIM/HER to handle along with all the crazed haters on the site... keep it up round peg, it must hurt your [email protected] to know that weather or not you post negative articles on Sony, they are still on the rise.

the tide is turning.


wageslave3843d ago

Your in denial son. The game is 8.9/10 on Metacritic. A good game sure, but it will NOT be Game of the Year anywhere.

Your delusional. There are at least 10 games that are better regarded -- Uncharted hasnt got a prayer for any Best Game of 07 lists that arent limited to PS3 exclusives.

QuackPot3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

But this is the real world @wageslave

Reviews are the OPINIONS...YES OPINIONS...of people. And as human beings they can chose to be objective or subjective, biased or unbiased, consistent or inconsistent, logical or illogical.

Did someone mention Gamespot's review of R&C? Oh, dear. And they aren't the only fanboys.

Gamer reviews would have more credibility rather a small group of paid reviewers.

Then and only then could say whether a game qualifies for GOTY. And HS, R&C, Uncharted, GoW2 would easily qualify for that heralded spot.

Bring on gamer's reviews ..... or a system for it.

Baba19063843d ago

who cares lol. the worst rating for this game is 8/10 and the best is 10/10, with an avarage around 9, and everyone who has played it can say how great it was, so chill! for a normal gamer 8 is good enough to buy it i think.

anyway dont start a war in every thread =D.

HarryEtTubMan3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )


A 8/10 is the lowest this game ever received and on Gameranking it is still a AAA/ over 90%. Uncharted rules!