Why THQ Still Has a Bright Future

Contrary to popular belief, THQ did in fact publish some very solid games in 2011. Homefront, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, and Saints Row: The Third were but a few of the enjoyable, albeit slightly flawed, examples that THQ still has a lifeline. However, reports claim that the company's stocks are dangerously low at the time of this writing hovering around 70 cents per share. Industry analyst Kevin Dent reported on Twitter last week that THQ was cancelling its lineup of games for 2014 to save money. THQ denied these claims and indeed it may be far too early to spell doom for the publisher as they still has some tricks up their sleeve for 2012 and beyond.

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Daver2307d ago

THQ have a lots of big titles coming out in the coming year, Darksiders, Metro, south park and insane. These could all be awesome games.

indiejones2307d ago

I think THQ has a lot to fix and a lot to change, but it seems like they're making strides to focus solely on hardcore games. Which could be good if they do it right.

Entropic2307d ago

I agree. I think the move to focus on the hardcore was a brilliant decision. I honestly wish more developers would do that anyway, but nonetheless I'm really looking forward to what THQ has in store this year.

Chewy2nd2304d ago

THQ may release good games, but financially, they're royally fucked