25th Anniversary of Final Fantasy

We are already in the year 2012.
Great game franchises like Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy are now celebrating important anniversaries.
Here are another 25 years of the greatest franchise in Japan and the world.

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KeybladeMaster2302d ago

Congratulations Square for the 25 years of awesome RPG's. While every fan argues on how good a certain Final Fantasy game is and what their favorite Final Fantasy is, one thing is certain: Final Fantasy is one of the best series and has given many fans, many places to go to fight villians foes or build relationships with characters.

Not many series can pull of what Final Fantasy does. So again congrads to Square and everyone who has ever worked on or is a fan of Final Fantasy. May the next 25 years be better than ever!

PshycoNinja2301d ago

I agree. Congrads Square and all us fans for all the endless hours being in the worlds of Final Fantasy.

tweet752301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

i wish square would release every offline final fantasy game to date on a disc in hd with full trophy support to celebrate this anniversary