Top Ten PS1 Games

If you were a kid in the 90s this is going to be a moment of sweet nostalgia for you. Saturday 3rd December 2011 was the 17th birthday of the original Sony games console: the Playstation. Part of the fifth-generation of consoles, the Playstation upped the ante from the Sega Saturn, SNES and Neo Geo which were both part of the 16-bit era. Sony sold over 102 million Playstations worldwide; way over double the amount of Mega Drives or Neo Geos sold. The 32-bit graphics were mind-blowing to the 90s gamers and there was the arrival of the analog sticks we know well and love dearly. The Playstation is the reason for the gaming industry being the size it is today. Xbigygames retrieved their PS One from the cupboard to compile a top 10 of the best Playstation games. Here it is:

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PamPoovey2510d ago

Wouldn't you say FF 7-9 instead of just 7....I mean don't get me wrong I thought the game was great but with it being so over rated these days people are forgetting that people found FF8 or even FF9 be honest those two games actually did most things better then FF7.

AllroundGamer2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

fully agree, i found FF8 best, then FF9 and after that FF7 (which i still haven't finished, since i was held back by the crappy looking blocky character models :D my eyes did really hurt everytime i saw them... not the ones in the battle scenes, those were ok :))

MaxXAttaxX2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

The list lacks Chrono Cross, Syphon Filter, Legend of Dragoon and Resident Evil and so on.

There's no such thing as a Top 10 PS1 games.
If we're talking about PS1 games, this could easily be a Top 30 list.

Also, I agree. I think FF9 deserved a mention. I felt like that game did more things right.

RedDead2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

MY fav was 7, although I hold the 3 of them in the same regard as top tier games, it's just a little personal preference. I agree FF8 and 9 do 'SOME' things better. FF8's battle system didn't hit it for me, junction system made it really easy, and no defense/offensive line. 8 has the best music, and best character development, but it has the worst...characters and past(GF makes us forget past didn't appeal to me) but Squall's char development was the best in FF.

Xbigygames2509d ago

I don't agree with that. I think that 7 had the best story and battle system. 8 and 9 were good, but 7 was my favourite.Of course this is just writer Megan's opinion

Kain812509d ago

My main Problem in FF9 was the ENDBOSS after Kujya, i was like "Who the F**K are you, what do you want from me" He came from nowhere and wanted to destroy the World...

Megaman_nerd2509d ago

that's nothing compared to the horrible plot device of FFVIII about the GF's usage causing memory loss. On top of that all of them have the exact same back-ground story too! FFVIII easily has the most lazy writing of any game ever.

Like seriously, what were they thinking?!1!1!!!1!

lorianguy2509d ago

What about Spyro? The originals on the PS1 were fantastic.

-Also I'm glad they didn't foget Crash :)

jbird453452509d ago

Where is Resident Evil 2?

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