Bringing Families Together in Gaming

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

This article is a follow up to two separate articles: Can I Really Be a Social Gamer? and Help! My Wife Stole My Xbox! by Ryan at GoozerNation. As the family meets in the middle of their hobbies over the medium of video games, Ryan starts to see not only how his family is evolving, but how society sees gaming as a whole. Will his wife continue to game "hardcore"? Can he see benefit in CityVille? Click in to find out!

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Poorchoices19672362d ago

It was a great read and fun to watch your story unfold.

JimmyJames702362d ago

Social gaming makes me cringe. Sorry, but I just can't get into CityVille. My suggestion is to steer your wife away from the Facebook games and more into Saints Row.

RyanDJ2362d ago

Great idea, but I think the whole sexuality of it might be a bit much for my rather proper wife. :)