Microsoft: Nintendo are not competing with other manufacturers

IncGamers: Microsoft say that Nintendo is in a "different cycle"

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The Meerkat2216d ago

A polite way of saying that they are playing with themselves.

Drekken2216d ago

Are you saying they are playing with their Wii?

Pushagree2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Nintendo stated before the release of the wii that it was NOT meant to directly compete with ps3 or 360. They knew the console was too different to actually be put in the same league. Nintendo wanted to break away from the status quo because they knew that they did not have the money to make the same powerful tech that sony was making.

This is why I do not consider the wii a next gen console. It was purposefully made with outdated tech because nintendo did NOT want to compete withj the current gen. Wii is more in battle with the ps2 than it is with the 360 or ps3. The same will be true with the wii u. it will compete not with ps4 or 720, but with ps3 and 360.

yabhero2216d ago

How is that true when its supposed 20 percent less powerful than 720/ 2-5 times the power of 360... People are basing this crap of the fact that wiiu dev kits were only 50 percent stronger than ps3... but Nitnedo is intending for WiiU to be a full next gen system.

dark-hollow2216d ago

"Playing with themsleves"

That actually sounds rather dirty...

maniacmayhem2216d ago

Bull, if MS sees that people are flocking to the WiiU and third parties are developing games specifically for the use of the tab we will definitely see MS try and copy and follow suit.

And that's very disappointing to hear that no new console will be revealed at this years E3. Hopefully he's blowing smoke up our arse.

sikbeta2216d ago

This time there is no excuse, for next gen will not be "2 types of consoles for different targets" Wii-U is an HD Console and Xobx Next will MS's 2nd HD Gaming System in the Market, so both will play in the same field, next gen will be so freaking awesome!

Felinox2216d ago

Well im getting tired of waiting for next gen. I dont want the hassle of pc gaming, but i want the visuals. Ill end up getting a wiiu at this point since ms and sony want to milk this gen dry. Who knows. Nothing is concrete on wiiu specs. Even if its only 50% more juiced than 360 that quite a bit more for devs to push for a couple years till ms and sony get thier shtuff together.

bahabeast2216d ago

even though this is kinda true at the same time we shouldnt underestimate nintendo and wverything they have up thier sleeves. maybe they want sony and microsoft to think they have nothing special soo they can show everyone and release a power house console with tripple A games. im waiting to see what happens

LiL T2216d ago

microsoft: We have nothing new as usual, so we will continue to spend large on advertising to make you think we have something and then continue talking shit about our competition because our fanbase belives anything we say. Fixed

kevnb2216d ago

nintendo is the only company who remembers what a console should be.

kevnb2216d ago

a well made toy that wont fall apart in a couple years... sony and microsoft are selling us something completely different.

Rainstorm812216d ago

IMO its that train of thought that gets the game industry in trouble. When parents see games like Mad World, GTA, GoW, Manhunt...etc on their kids toys then we have an uproar.

Consoles are not Toys, they are electronic devices, like a DVD player, or a TV. and with that comes content for all ages and preferences.

When we relegate them to toys, we are stuck with those rules.

Consoles evolved past being considered as toys, and thats only a good thing for the industry as a whole

smashcrashbash2216d ago

Cheap, underpowered and gimmicky with overmilked series while treating third parties like dirt?

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