Remedy believes Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is unlike anything else on XBLA

"Despite being an excellent horror-action title that was praised by most critics, the original Alan Wake experienced a red death on the sales front due to poor release timing. In part motivated by the game’s big budget and subsequently disappointing sales figures, developer Remedy Entertainment decided to trim back the development scale some for the series’ next release by making it an XBLA exclusive."

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cain1412240d ago

I've wanted this game for almost a year now!

ndepetris2240d ago

I still keep meaning to go back and play the original, but I'm excited about this one too.

wordupagain2240d ago

I sort of wanted to find out more about Bright Falls after the end of the first Alan Wake but I'm so down for this.

Kramerica132240d ago

Yeah, I'm really excited to see how the series translates over to the downloadable space.

yesmynameissumo2240d ago

The first one was good, although I thought the final boss was pretty lame. Regardless, the IP is solid and this looks great.

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