Augmented Reality On PS Vita

Bring the world into play with PlayStation Vita and dramatically change the world around you using augmented reality...

Whether you're becoming a vengeful warrior in God of War, an expert racing driver in Gran Turismo or a creative level builder in LittleBigPlanet, video games offer you the chance to explore your imagination.

Augmented reality adds another wonderful path for you to travel down in these worlds of fantasy. It changes your surroundings into an incredible virtual playground using computer generated images and lets you interact with them - through a TV screen, a camera... and now, PlayStation Vita.

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tarbis2385d ago

Tried A.R. shooting on the Little Deviants demo. It was addictive and cool. Definitely gonna try out other A.R. games on PSV. =D

FriedGoat2385d ago

Are there any built in? I've seen a bunch of demos in videos such as a soccer field but have no idea where we get them from!

tarbis2385d ago

Nothing like the Little Deviant nor the soccer field. But, there are 2 in the pre-installed Welcome Park app. One is the Hello face where you take a picture of something that looks like a face then the app will make it talk. The other is making a jigsaw puzzle of any picture you take.
The Soccer field, Diving game and [email protected] are not available yet. I don't if those 3 apps will be for EU only or worldwide.