Are you going to give Final Fantasy XIII-2 A chance?

Addict of Fiction take a look at what could be one of the bumpiest game releases to date, with mistakes being countered by drops of awesome-ness.

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Idonthatejustcreate2393d ago

First I was like: Yeah I'll probably rent it.

But then, I remembered the shitty combat system from FF-XIII.

TheHater2393d ago

Gamefly is shipping it to me, but I have no plans to buy it. I am spending my hard earn money on better games such as Twisted Metal, Kingdom of Amalur, and 2 PlayStation Vita next month :)

Etseix2393d ago

Ill buy one playstation vita , but the bundle itself. can't wait.

brish2393d ago

Q. Are you going to give Final Fantasy XIII-2 A chance?
A. Yes, I already bought it.

Hicken2393d ago

It's sitting in my PS3 right now, awaiting me to turn it back on and continue where I stopped last night.

Answer: My collector's edition feels nice.

DragonKnight2393d ago

Well, the game is pretty much a mashup of Grandia (in that you attack enemies with your weapon to initiate a preemptive attack), Enchanted Arms (auto-battling and monster allies), and Chrono Trigger (time mechanic) with some tweaks to what was already some bad ideas in FFXIII and its own bad ideas.

The demo was pretty average at best and the battling became more of a chore that you could thankfully avoid if you wanted.

I'm actually on the fence about it. So I don't really know. I don't want another boring FFXIII-like experience.

Snookies122393d ago

When it's like around 20 bucks... Yeah sure, why not.

Reborn2393d ago


When it's cheaper, I probably will. Not fond of spending cash aimlessly.

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The story is too old to be commented.