5th Cell unveils new Hybrid details with accompanying trailer

"5th Cell has come clean with new details on Hybrid, the third-person shooter which they promise will forever change the multiplayer gaming scene. After its initial unveiling last year, Hybrid immediately started turning heads with its unique control scheme, and promise to deliver an on-going real-time world war over Xbox Live in which players fight for control of territory for their faction. Since then, the game has undergone many changes, including a prominent move toward flight based movement and combat which distinguishes Hybrid from the crowd even further."

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cain1412273d ago

I can't wait for this game!

randomlyrossy2273d ago

Not too sure on the design changes but still really interested in this.

RyanReynoldsIII2273d ago

The concept of fighting for territory online really has me interested. It could create the the desire to want to play all the time and as much as possible to make sure your side is holding their own in the war.

italianbreadman2273d ago

Yeah, this is something I've always wanted

ndepetris2273d ago

It looks cool but there's always a risk with multiplayer games in that you're never sure if anyone will play, and even if they do how long will the crowd stick around?

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