Alan Wake dev discusses Xbox 360 to PC delay

Alan Wake released on Xbox 360 in 2010, but it’s only next month that a PC version will be available. Developers Remedy Entertainment discuss the delay.

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gillri2390d ago

I would probably try the PC version if I hadnt already brought the DLC on the 360

glad PC only gamer get to experience this game, it gets a tad repetitive but its veyr atmospheric

baraka0072390d ago

Shame that Microsoft was behind it but not really a surprise.

BrutallyBlunt2389d ago

Obviously Microsoft was trying to leverage their console and make it exclusive. This is why I'm so against these back room deals. Microsoft isn't alone in this either, Sony had done exclusive deals as well and withheld certain games from appearing on other platforms such as Grand Theft Auto on the Playstation 2.

The sad thing is the game was available on the PC and then removed, all because Microsoft wanted to push the XBOX 360. Finally it's coming and will likely look better.

Software should not be exclusive unless the software was designed around the hardware. An example of that would be something like Dance Central. All you're doing is limiting your customers.

mcstorm2390d ago

I think the biggest problem with Alan wake was that it came out at the wrong time RDR Split/Second and Splinter Cell were all out that same week as Alan Wake and I dont remember seeing any Adverts on the TV for Alan Wake. I think anyone who is a fan of Silent Hill or Res games would like Alan Wake. Im glad that is is being ported to the PC as I think it will sell quite well on there. But that said I cant wait for the next DLC of this game as Alan Wake was my Game of 2010.

ATi_Elite2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Alan Wake started out as a PC Exclusive then became a 360 PC game but in the last minutes Microsoft went with the 360 only decision.

....and that was a BAD MOVE cause it took forever for Alan Wake to sell a million units and the game is the most pirated 360 game ever that i know of.

Also Microsoft really pissed off PC Gamers (even more than GFWL) by pulling this stupid move. I myself had been following Alan Wake even BEFORE the Intel Demo and i was really excited about the game then BAM! MS stuck an arrow in my knee!!

anyway with all the changes the game has went through and the OPEN WORLD version now a linear story game i'm not so pumped up about Alan Wake. Then on top of that had to sit here and listen to Remedy lie and lie and lie about the decision to make Alan Wake a 360 Exclusive and bashing the PC in the process.

Oh NO we haven't forgotten all the false PC bashing you clowns from Remedy were spewing instead of just telling the truth that MS want AW to be a 360 Exclusive. "Only consoles can tell such an immersive story such as AW"

BULLCRAP! When the PC has Dear Ester and Amnesia The Dark Descent! Remedy said a lot of crap instead of the truth which we all could respected as a MS business decision.

I will get AW when Steam has an awesome $7.99 sale cause Alan Wake still has some fun to offer just not $59.99 fun plus Remedy doesn't deserve my money but i will give them $7.99 for Alan Wake and not pirate it 2 million times!

DigitalRaptor2390d ago

To be fair, it was mostly Remedy's fault for dealing with Microsoft, since we all know that is what they do. MS have no care for the PC gaming market, so blame Remedy for straying from their roots. It's their fault they went for Microsoft's poisoned apple.

I will also buy AW on Steam when it reaches a low enough price. I'll be paying for the standard of a 2 year old game that has been scaled from it's original concept to fit the console audience. As indirectly admitted by Remedy themselves. Hey, AW is a great game, but it's certainly not the same game I was anticipating in 2006.

CBaoth2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Yes it's linear and not what was shown on PC early in its development. I agree and Remedy have no one to blame but themselves for alienating PC gamers.

But honestly I think the narrative and the pacing of it were top notch and benefited much from the change in direction. Sandbox games all too often give me so much freedom I inherently screw around with no direction that, by time it comes to actually finishing it, it's more of a chore than a labor of love. GTA, RDR, Just Cause2, and Crackdown were all great games. And all were IPs I had to focus JUST to complete.

Alan Wake has fantastic atmosphere & voice acting, realistic dialogue and a good script. The pacing is superb and hands-down the best soundtrack this gen with original tracks from Poets of the Fall to older songs like David Bowie's "Ground Control". Not scary but spooky with a Twin Peaks vibe. Yes it's linear but some segments are big enough to explore for collectibles like Crysis2. And the collectibles reveal a lot of the backdrop a la Doom3 and the PDAs/e-mails. It was my favorite 360 exclusive. As with much of my old console library I won't hesitate adding this IP to my Steam library when the price is right.