Smaller Companies on Piracy - Rovio and Mojang Seem to Not Care About Piracy

Rovio and Mojang seem not to care about piracy at all.

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arnyftw2358d ago

Yes, the big companies are approaching piracy in the wrong way. For example if a game is really good and doesnt have a demo, and you pirate it to try/play it. If you like it you are going to buy for the online play.

FriedGoat2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Theres a right way and a wrong way to deal with piracy. These small companies don't mind because they release quality games in small numbers. Problem with EA and Activision ect is they publish a large amount of games half of it shovelware then complain when BAD games don't sell. Its not our bad game its those bloomin pirates! Its the same with hollywood, they lose money and claim the "potential" amount of money lost is due to piracy, This is not true, if your movie/game is crap people aren't going to spend their hard cash on it. Just because they cant pirate something doesn't mean they will buy it. Make less bad games, sell them cheaper and watch the earnings roll in.

Derpy2358d ago

Sometimes I wonder if the big companies aren't just using piracy as an excuse to attack the used game market.

Voxelman2358d ago

Thats because they know that piracy is inevitable and that there are more than enough honest people willing to buy their games if they are good and they treat their customers with respect.

Rather than treating their customers like crims and doing everything in their power to make the customer experiance worse, like big publishers do. Things like DRM that limits installs, makes it so you can only play if you are online, adds spyware to your computer, causes your games to run worse, doesn't prevent piracy because they are just cracked in a couple days usally before release and then the pirats don't have to worry and only the people that payed have to deal with the crap. Hell I know many PC gamers that will pirate/crack games they actually buy so they don't have to deal with the DRM.

s45gr322358d ago

Treat the consumer like a fan that sounds about right, sell games at competitive prices. Make quality deep games tada now you have a fanbase willing to pay for your games.