The Last Of Us: behind the scenes shots at Naughty Dog.

You’ve probably seen the coverage from the recent press event, Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s own The Last Of Us cover included. Here are some behind the scenes stuff. There’s a bunch of concept art for Josh and Ellie, some mo-cap from the actors’ auditions and a bunch of development stuff showing character models. Most importantly you’ll want to watch tomorrow’s Access TV to see video from the team’s trip to see the game and interview the team.

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FlashBack2363d ago

Page 4 2nd and 4th picture, playing as Ellie AND Joel?

Oldman1002363d ago

Who the heck is Josh? Nice error there OPM UK.

erivera19942363d ago

Judging from the mo cap pictures, it seems like its showing Joel teachin Ellie how to use a gun