If Resident Evil 6 is bad, I blame Gears of War 3

Made2Game writes: Resident Evil and Gears of War are two completely different series designed by two completely different companies from two completely different sides of the globe, but are two series that have traded ideas and inspiration either intentionally or by chance since Resident Evil 4 first suplexed a Spanish monk back in 2005.

But I stand as a fan misrepresented in both camps. These two series have evolved in ways that grate against my anticipation for their respective franchises, and if this trend of cross pollination and idea pilfering continues then, after Gears of War 3, I see Resident Evil 6 as a game in jeopardy of losing everything that made, and still makes, Resident Evil 4 one of my favourite games of all time.

To understand the issue here we need to track the evolution of both series in parallel, and see how they've strayed from the path of horror they each set out upon.

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RedDead2244d ago

Blame capcom if it turns out bad you dolt

iamtehpwn2243d ago

Okay then, with that logic..If my Honda breaks down, I'm blaming Chevy.

Convas2244d ago

What the hell kind of skewered logic is this? You can't blame Epic Games for Capcom's yet-to-be-seen development strategy with Resident Evil 6.

Damn. Everyday, the sort of crap people submit gets worse and worse.

2243d ago
kaveti66162243d ago

Well, at least this piece provided some support for its claim that Resi 4 and Gears are two series that do seem to play off each other.

If the "true blue" fans of the original Resident Evil/Biohazard games want Capcom to stick to the original formula, then they're going to have to sign contracts with Capcom, promising to purchase 2 or 3 copies of each game they make.

The industry has always been about following the money. In this economy, being creative is a potential health hazard. It's easier to follow a successful formula, hire a good marketing team, and sell enough copies to put food on the table than what the small number of fans really want the developers to do.

Capcom's decisions tend to upset small numbers of devoted people. Like when they decided not to make that Megaman game. It was probably a good business decision. But the vocal minority feeds off of itself. They references their own verbal tirades as reasons why the "majority of people" don't like Capcom (or "Crapcom").

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The story is too old to be commented.