LiveArea For US Vita PSN Store Changed, Opening Soon?

"Obviously, when the PS Vita launched in Japan, the Japanese PSN Store opened up alongside it and you could download whatever you liked – as I did, I grabbed Uncharted, Little Deviants, Virtua Tennis 4 and Everybody’s Golf."

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tarbis2394d ago

Can't wait for the U.S. PSN store to open. I want them games. =D

GribbleGrunger2394d ago

can't wait either. it's going to be really interesting to see how quickly the list grows and what's going to be available

remanutd552394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

i think i will buy Uncharted Golden Abyss digital version if its $10 cheaper than the retail copy , Little Deviant is a given since im getting the first edition bundle , i will get Wipeout 2048 , Escape Plan and thinking about either ModNation Racers Road Trip or Reality Fighters ( im still waiting for San Diego Studio to announce head to head online multiplayer races and that would make MRRT an instant buy for me )

SaffronCurse2394d ago

Yeah i do hope the digital versions will be cheaper.

remanutd552394d ago

yeap im not paying $49.99 for a handheld game , no matter how good it is, and for one without online gameplay ? nop , not me

coryok2394d ago


why not? if uncharted3, instead of releasing on ps3 released on psvita, you wouldnt buy it just because it was on a handheld?

if the game is worth it then its worth it, why does it matter if its on a portable or not?

remanutd552394d ago

no i wouldnt , im not paying $49.99 for a handheld game , its way too much in my opinion and on top of that is a single player experience so no i wouldnt

DarkBlood2394d ago

it wont be cheaper but last i remeber your suppose to get 20 dollars credit or something if you buy the digital version obviously im guessing you have to be a psplus member for that

Half-Mafia2394d ago

I NEED to know how much the digital versions cost. I really hope they are cheaper on the Store.

Lulz_Boat2394d ago

Italian PS Store isn't changed :(

maybe tomorrow with the PS Store update <3

MasterCornholio2394d ago

By the 15th it should go online because that is when purchases of the value pack will be able to pick theirs up.


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