Steam Mobile now available to all

Ironhammers: Last week, Steam released their closed beta for their new mobile app on Android and iOS. It allows (or at least the Android one does, as that’s what I’ve tried) you to use pretty much all of the functions of Steam; buying games, browsing the community, looking at screenshots and more. The only features that seem to be missing are voice chat and the ability to actually play your games (obviously).

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StayStatic2308d ago

Just tested it , Good to say the least :)

one2thr2308d ago

Im not included in the beta :(

StayStatic2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Anyone can get it now :S ,unless i was already in beta and didn't realise.


one2thr2308d ago

well thats what it just said to me after i tried.... and why would anyone disagree with a problem or technical error?

h311rais3r2308d ago

Well it's good but is a little slow. But it is still in early stages and pretty good.