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tigertron2393d ago

A great cast but where the hell was Yvonne Strahovski?! 0.o

pr0digyZA2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Was either finishing off chuck or back in Australia for some movie she's doing. BTW did not know Jessica Chobot was in.

Parasyte2393d ago

I want this game NOW!!!

Convas2393d ago

Jessica ... Chobot? Really? ... ok. Ok? Ummmm ...

VTKC2392d ago

What the!! Jessica Chobot in the cast?! Really? That is certainly news to me.

trouble_bubble2392d ago

Jessica Chobot?! As in the XBL Dashboard and part time G4TV shill, lol? Good lord BioWare. Good lord. What next, Kevin Perreira as Garrus? Jim Sterling as the Thresher Maw lol? Aaron Greenberg as Harbinger? Ugh

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