SWTOR White Saber Crystal Uncovered

At first, SWTOR coveted the magenta crystal but now there is a new favorite item in a galaxy far, far away. One high level character has been seen sporting around with a sparkling white lightsaber. The owner of this whitesaber, Catch Deathwalker, posted about it on the official forums

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JsonHenry2390d ago

I think the white looks cool. But I am not willing to spend the time it takes to get it. (or the magenta)

I am a horrible MMO player I have realized. I don't think it should take 40 minutes sitting on a balloon ride to get two datacrons. I'm sorry. Just not for me.

AzaziL2390d ago

What a shame, he got the crystal through a random drop on a normal mob and Bioware says "that was illegitimate" and removes it right away.

I mean this isn't like Martin's Shirt from WoW that did instant kills, but a normal item that probably can only be obtained by it sucking your life for 40 hours.

But they decided if it just so happens to random drop which is probably a 0.000001% chance, that to screw over the lucky chum that gets it.

kamper2390d ago

That's his words, but you don't have to do much googeling to find out who he is. His yourtube account is named EliteHaxor1 for christ sake, and he is well known in the owncore community.