Video game culture sees a rise in girl gamers

Four teenage girls run through a bloody battlefield armed with machine guns, dodging bullets and throwing grenades. They sit glued to their TV screen as they try to reach the next checkpoint in a video game set in a war zone.

Despite the preconception that violent video games, especially shooting and adventure ones, are only for males, the female audience is a growing segment.

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ATi_Elite2304d ago

Yeh and they play all types of games.

I actually was made very nervous by a Lady Gamer who plays with my lan group.

Her BF3 sniping skills are becoming quit deadly. (thanks in part to Skyrim being buggy she has been getting a lot of BF3 game time in)

We no longer suggest that she makes Sammiches!!

h311rais3r2304d ago


Any way my gf plays games. Mostly pokemon but she still does. I know many girl gamers and many are quite nice to look at ;)

RXL2304d ago

Sammiches of pain, maybe

ATi_Elite2304d ago

LOL Yeh that's what she serves up now!

She's become very good in a short time. She only played MMO's and Elder scrolls in the past but we were all playing BF3 and she tried it for the first time and is now hooked.

Once she gets on a roll you can hear someone say "didn't Skyrim just come out" or " I know the sun came up so I'm sure a new MMO is out".

But No the other Lady Gamers in our group have her under their spell and she love FPS now and we hate her boy friend for bringing her. lol!

r212304d ago

girl gamers? why cant they just be called gamers :L