Prototype 2 RADNET Edition Announced

Radical Entertainment has officially announced today, the upcoming content for Prototype 2 entitled the "RADNET Edition".

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2388d ago
Cajun Chicken2388d ago

That's actually bloody damn interesting.

DevilishSix2388d ago

Obviously content already made that could be in the game since its for the first seven weeks after launch. I will get the game, but I do not like the way items are being cut from games to be used as an artificial way to keep interest or combat used games.

Seriously the only ones hurt by used games sales is greed money hungery publishers like Activision and I question that they are even hurt at all because a gamer can get a game cheaper then buy DLC online that goes to publishers.
Plus the majority of developers do not own their IP's anymore and publishers often times craps all over their developers like the way Activision has handled many of their studios.