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TechRadar: "The AMD Radeon HD 7950 is one hell of an impressive pixel-pusher, and Nvidia is going to have to work incredibly hard with its Kepler cards to best this excellent card."

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ATi_Elite2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

The card is able to push Metro 2033 set to ULTRA settings @ 1600p over 30 fps and remain under 60c temps.

That's all i needed to see to understand that this is one HELL of a card that easily outclasses the mighty GTX580. Oh and it easily over clocks to HD7970 levels and higher.

but at $450 I'm gonna wait to see what Nvidia's GTX 660ti/760ti is gonna be priced at. I like SLI/CFX cause it gives you more power than a single card.

I rather spend $550 for 2 cards and have more power than spending $450 for 1 card.


I trust Hardware Canucks Benchmarks over anyones cause they have been benchmarking at 1600p for a long time now.