Miyamoto Working To Find The Next Big Nintendo Hit

Miyamoto is looking for the next big series that can re-kindle Nintendo's fire

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Khordchange2388d ago

Every single Ip he has created became pretty darn successful(except for Wii music, we do not speak of wii music...) so it will be exciting to see

badz1492388d ago

probably just browsing through old files, if you know what I mean!

Sobari2388d ago

I don't get why people keep demanding that Nintendo come up with new IPs. They probably have more IPs than any single game company on the planet, and a lot of them haven't even been used in ages. Trying to come up with something new when you have practically half a dozen franchises that have been totally dormant seems like a complete waste of time.

Canary2388d ago

I don't think it's about people wanting to see more new things as much as it is about people wanting to see less old things. Do we really need this much Mario? Does anyone?

jukins2388d ago

i know nintendo fans will disagree with the fury but the main reason i've stayed away from nintendo is because its been mario zelda pokemon for the past 20+ years on every single nintendo system.

dark-hollow2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )


oh really?

eternal darkness
super smash bros
the last story
donkey kong
wario ware
fire emblem
zack and wiki

like sony and ms wont milk their franchises if they sold like nintendo games does

Canary2388d ago

Fanboy Math 101:

5+15=6, if you ignore 14.

dark-hollow2388d ago

fanboy tactics 101:

ignore valid counter arguments with random rubbish.

Ult iMate2388d ago

The list is really great, but all we see from Nintendo on regular basis is Zelda, Mario and Pokemon.

Canary2388d ago

Fanboy Guide to Arguing:

Step 1: say something stupid
Step 2: get called out on saying something stupid
Step 3: edit your post

Good job! Way to stick by your guns!

AWBrawler2388d ago

pokémon isn't even 20 years old yet
and Gamecube and DS gen alone they created:
custom robo
chibi robo
battalion wars
Trace Memory
Eternal Darkness
rhythm heaven
and so many more IPs

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Knight_Cid2388d ago

they do have more ips than any company on the planet

@ canary

we need as much mario as we can get

Ult iMate2388d ago

To have an IP and to make games based on them are two different things. There was no new Star Fox games on Wii, no new Luigi, no new F-Zero and so on.

Knight_Cid2388d ago

yeah instead we got fire emblem, AND A NEW DK PLATFORMER XENOBLADE,

Ult iMate2388d ago

Yeah. After 5 years after releasing Wii, there's one new ip. That's the Nintendo's lazy way.

Colwyn2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

contrary to popular belief, nintendo doesnt own a lot of ips. most games from the past were mostly third party devs making games for nintendo systems. sony owns the most game ips. FACT. (means it can be proven)

only new ip i can see this guy making is something with mario in it which he's been doing for over 30 years with success

GameTavern2388d ago

Wait what?
How many IPs has Nintendo published that they don't own?
The only ones I can think of that have iffy rights are Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and Eternal Darkness.

I think Nintendo has more handheld IPs than Sony has IPs.

PopRocks3592388d ago

Uh... Pikmin? He made that just barely a decade ago.

Knight_Cid2388d ago

takin this as a joke post

SweatyFlorida2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I don't think Nintendo needs new IP's per say, I just think they should focus on something other than Zelda and Mario 24/7.

Have a new Pikmin and/or Super Smash brothers and/or a new Yoshi Story and/or a new Donkey Kong and/or Metroid Prime as a launch title for the Wii U and Nintendo WILL get a day 1 sale from me!

Nintendo has tons of IP's, they just need to let them shine a bit more, instead of constantly focusing on Zelda and Mario (though a Mario 64 in new amazing graphics in 1080p could sway me)

Tommykrem2388d ago

That attitude is... just terrible. Naturaly that's what Nintendo thinks, because they're the producer, but if you want to draw new audience and innovate making new IPs is usually been the way to go. Having said that Nintendo have introduced a new IP or two this gen, so I'm not complaining just yet.

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imbrawler2388d ago

Nintendo ip have been successful in the past whats stopping them from creating another great game

AWBrawler2388d ago

Hey wait a sec, your name is way too close to mine lol

imbrawler2388d ago

no it's your name close to mine

maniacmayhem2388d ago

i know everyone wants the Big n to make a new IP but i would personally love to see Miyamoto make a Starfox game specific for WiiU.

That or Ballon Fight!

AWBrawler2388d ago

I think the naysayers are forgetting that the 3DS alone has some cool new IPs:
Steel Diver
Dillon's Rolling Western
Sakura Samurai
Freaky Forms
Kid Icarus Uprising may as well be seen as new

I honestly believe Dillon's Rolling Western and Steel Diver will eventually make their way to the Wii U. Steel Diver would work perfectly on it.

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