TXB: The Rest of 2008's Most Anticipated 360 Games

Well, TXB has made it to the last part of their "Most Anticipated" series-which brings them to the catch-all Island of Misfit Games. They aren't naughty…they're just unsure of which direction they want to go in their lives. They're the games that are hard to categorize, because they like to splash around in a lot of different pools. You have a big sword, so it must be an action game…but you have to level up your character from time to time, so it must be an RPG. You have to move units around and plot out what will blast what while you're being attacked, so it must be a real-time strategy…but when you're not in the middle of a battle, you have to talk to townspeople and find the right key so you can open that locked door you saw before, so it must be an adventure. These days, it's not as easy to cleanly match a game with a specific genre

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SW3748d ago

I've played Supreme Commander on the PC, It's nothing special.
All it is, is a super hyped up Total Annilalation, with flash needless graphics. With out Keyboard and mouse support RTS' on a console should be a crime punishable by death.

KidMakeshift3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Yeah, that's a pretty weak list, and no one anticipates for RTS games for console except for Halo Wars, which looks a lot more simpler and intuitive.

Alone In The Dark, Silent Hill 5, and Brutal Legends are the only appealing one's to me.

Texas GMR3748d ago

come out this year I really couln't buy them all. If there's a little slump in new games coming out then I can go back and get the ones I missed. Hopefuly they'll be on sale by then. :-)

boi3748d ago

From that list for the 360 I most looking forward to is Halo Wars!

I am more hyped about Lost Odyssey then any other game on the 360 in 2008. Only it came sooner!

cloud360-7th_account3748d ago

They are scred of what the PS3 will become

KidMakeshift3748d ago

Oh God, stop trying to start drama

Both systems have really strong line ups next year, and let's just leave it at that

Cherchez La Ghost3748d ago

STFU and sit your arse down somewhere!!! Don't start none, won't be none!!

hassandx3748d ago

the ps3 will go nowhere.only with mgs4 u cannot win the whole year.and i bet that final fantasy 13 isnt coming in 2008.and with killzone,yes it is a good game but not a system seller.

-SIXAXIS-3748d ago

So your telling me that 360 games like Culdcept Saga are better than LBP, GT5, Killzone 2, MGS4, Haze, etc.? Dream on lem, dream on.

wageslave3748d ago


That isnt every Xbox 360 game next year, just some of them. There are plenty of other AAA big hitter exclusives coming in 2008 for Xbox 360 that were'nt listed.

Further, Killzone 1 was a mediocre game in every respect, you have no reason to think that KZ2 is going to be a masterpiece -- its really wishful thinking. Also, FF no longer has Sakaguchi-san at the helm, who knows what drivel Squeenix might ship.

And, have you learned nothing from the Lair debacle? Few people have played those games (in demo or otherwise) -- more than a couple could turn out to be Lair of 2008.

Zhuk3748d ago

With so many AAA titles coming out on Xbox 360, the PS3 will be left behind yet again

KidMakeshift3748d ago

Haha, I just bought Snatcher for $20

Zhuk3748d ago

a quality investment and you are lucky enough to get a rare bubble from me for this wise decision

KidMakeshift3748d ago

I wish I knew how to do the PSP emulator stuff because this would make a great game on the go. Plus, I'm sure my CDX will crap out on me anyday now.

Maybe the new Blade Runner box set that came out will spark interest in this game again

Zhuk3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I too hope that the Blade Runner box set will get some people interested in Snatcher, or at the very least the cyberpunk game genre.

PSP emulation is quite simple to get into, the forums at have many guides on how to install custom firmwares and help with emulation.

I am looking forward to the Policenauts translation project at it will be fantastic to be able to play and understand Snatcher's spiritual 'sequel'

KidMakeshift3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

You would think that there would be more games like this since Japan is big on text adventures and most of their popular anime's are cyber-punk or steam punk themed.

I work in the film industry and hope to become a game director/writer down the road. I want to make a Blade Runner / Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep based game in the future that's heavy on investigation and has minimal yet epic confrontations with main "enemies."

I think L.A. Noir might have beaten me to the punch

Zhuk3748d ago

Well actually it has been reported Kojima and Suda are working on something called 'Project S' which may result in a new Snatcher game, and it has been reported that Suda wants to work on the Xbox 360 next.

It would be nice to see more of these kind of games out there

DarkSniper3748d ago

Unfortunately for you and everyone else, Kojima would rather see this game developed only on the PLAYSTATION 3.


KidMakeshift3748d ago

Yeah, how unfortunate that we would get a next-gen version.

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