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10 Places you must explore in the brilliant Skyrim

Top 10 Things to see, hear or do in the big world of Skyrim.


So you want Daedric Armour ? Get ebony ingots. Mines are south-east of Windhelm and south of Narzulbur Smelt 30 ore for a chest piece, gauntlets, boots and helm. (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

Caleb_141  +   1276d ago
Half of these aren't even places... just events
Bashiii  +   1276d ago
that's why it says

10 Places you must explore in the brilliant Skyrim

Top 10 Things to see, hear or do in the big world of Skyrim.
Caleb_141  +   1276d ago
Why not just title it

"Top 10 Things to see, hear or do in the big world of Skyrim."

1nsaint  +   1275d ago
What? Riften and Windhelm? Never would have come to me to visit 2 of THE MAJOR CITIES IN THE GAME
Jpm224  +   1275d ago
Fail article fail author. "....in the brilliant skyrim" lol.
Jpm224  +   1275d ago
Just for the record, i wasn't laughing at that quote because I think skyrim is a bad game (quite the opposite actually). I was just pointing out the author's sad level of fanboyism made obvious by his choice of words.
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Rupee  +   1275d ago
LOL was this interpreted or something? Fail article.
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strike  +   1275d ago
Nice List thanks
MizTv  +   1275d ago
every thing looks the same to me in this game
h311rais3r  +   1275d ago
And everything in killzone looks EXACTLY the same. Problem?
neogeo  +   1275d ago
Canary  +   1275d ago
I just found the... what's it called... I can't remember. The giant cavern with red nirnroot. The "Underdark" of Skyrim.

100+ hours into the game.

Fylus  +   1275d ago
Blackreach. Beautiful place, eh? Try yelling at the big orange light ;)
Canary  +   1275d ago
Yeah, that's it. One of the few times in games where I've thought, "finally, they're getting these 3D RPGs to look as good as the old 2D ones." Quite an achievement.

Really makes me wish Wizards of the Coast was still licensing out Forgotten Realms stuff to competent studios for games. I'd kill to see a game with a setting as rich as Shadows of Amn (and combat as deep, and magic as impressive) rendered in 3D in a big open world.
vikingland1  +   1275d ago
For me Markarth blew me away when I first arrived there. Just the way it is built into the surrounding mountains.

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