Toughest Video Game Titans

So you think you've got a tough boss, do you? Does he try to shoot you, disembowel you with a sword that's longer than he is tall, or bean you with pink bats? Has he ever literally chewed your ear off? Is he a ten-foot disembodied floating brain? No? Then you ain't seen nothing yet. Check out ten of the toughest and most creative bosses in video game history and count your blessings.

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KidMakeshift3750d ago

Any Capcom boss, because they're cheap as hell

Alcohog3750d ago

Tyson wasn't hard once you knew his routine.

vettle13750d ago

actually i agree with you, i thought the guy right before him was the toughest, what was his name?

iceman29293750d ago

omg, ninja gaidens bosses were practically impossible...

riksweeney3750d ago

I gave up on Alma, not because she was tough, but because the crappy camera kept shifting around and making it impossible for me to see her, resulting in loads of offscreen attacks or me suddenly running in the completely opposite direction.

DFresh3750d ago

Believe it or not
old school games like these are the hardest to beat
because you're limited to what you can do
even in pac-man if you get trapped by the ghosts in a corner there's no way out only if there's a Pac ball to where you make them turn blue and eat them and only 4 corners and 4 balls time it

ygxbrayzie3750d ago

Gill is one of a hardest boss in street fighter 3rd strike
it should be in the list

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