THQ threatened with NASDAQ delisting

THQ has 180 days to reverse its poor share price or be delisted from the NASDAQ stock exchange, officials have warned.

The struggling publisher is currently trading at $0.70, with shares falling another 2.3 per cent last night.

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DrFUD2391d ago

And I just bought WWE12

killerhog2391d ago

Thq has more and better (quality) ips than activision, yet activision makes billions off of cod and can stay functional. goes to show that the only game keeping activision alive is call of duty.

grailly2391d ago

don't forget that blizzard is part of activision/vivendi/blizzard

Darth Stewie2391d ago

This is bad. Hopefully the release of UFC will help.

fooxy2391d ago

Looks like THQ is gonna kick the bucket this year...

sikbeta2391d ago

Perfect time for EA or Acti to buy THQ for cheap lol

brish2391d ago

I hope they survive. I am really looking forward to Darksiders II.

Captain Qwark 92391d ago

same i would be ultra pissed if DSII got canned over this :/

salinidus2391d ago

man things are going horrendously for them, as a kid i would see thq on the side of a box and say man im buying this, now i look on the side of a box and see thq and immediately discard,what happend

ZippyZapper2391d ago

You discarded Darksiders?

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