PS Vita AR tech lets you perform alien autopsies on the kitchen table

In case you missed it I played Reality Fighters with a six foot AR card the other day. There’s more to the PS Vita’s AR tech than that though. There’s a new post over at that goes into a little more detail with what the system’s actually capable of. By far the best demo is an unnamed alien autopsy: lay a bunch of AR cards on a table and you can move the PS Vita around to see a virtual spaceman – X-raying bones and slicing him up to get at the ET guts. Not sure about the him seeming to still be alive. Hopefully you can press the Vita on his face like a pillow…

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frozzenfire2391d ago

Haha, now this I would definitely look forward to trying. Hope they keep releasing this sort of thing for the Vita.

Darth Stewie2391d ago

This is pretty cool. If this is how AR works at Vita's launch imagine what people will do with this tech in a couple of years from now.

MasterCornholio2391d ago

What amazes me is when people claim that Nintendo's AR tech is better than Sony's. Anyways I hope many more titles take advantage of AR in one shape or another.


Half-Mafia2391d ago

The Vitas AR tech is on another level to the 3DS. I dont no how it works but the Vitas camera doesnt have to see the card in view to know where objects are.

Like that big T-Rex that demoed. The AR card was on the floor and he was looking at the head and the T-Rex didnt despair.

Go to the 3min mark