Soul Calibur V Review (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "Namco are set to make a big splash in the fighting game market in 2012, whether teaming up with one-time rivals Capcom for the highly anticipated Street Fighter X Tekken inter-universe dust up, or striking out on their own with a new handheld version of Tekken, or the forthcoming (and very promising, if you check our look at the mouth-wateringly frustrating Hybrid) sequel to long standing favourite Tekken Tag Tournament. But while Kazuya and Jin are all set to shine once again, people forget that Namco Bandai have another brawling franchise that, after a couple of horrible misfiring sequels, is definitely due for a makeover and relaunch.

Namco Bandai have had nearly four years to work on a sequel to the last Soul Calibur game and developers now have the clout to really squeeze some juice out of the consoles at their disposal. Old school fighting favourites have had some stunning reboots in the last few years, and the genre is riding as high as it has ever been. The question is, can Soul Calibur once again take a seat at the top table with the big boys? Or is this a disappointment as huge as Voldo’s codpiece?"

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