Iwata: No one can replace Miyamoto

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has said that no single person can replace Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

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Knight_Cid2392d ago

Hes right. Hes the most important figure in gaming.

When he dies it would be like if the greatest man who ever existed in any other field dies

erasure2422391d ago

LOL @ the 5 people that disagreed with you. No matter what "fanboy" camp you are in, everybody has nothing but respect for Miyamoto... That is just FACT... He is one of the most important figures in gaming.

Blastoise2392d ago

As a sony fanboy even i`d be a fool to say this man is anything less than a legend.

360ICE2392d ago

I wouldn't say he IS the most important figure in gaming right now, but certainly he's one of the greatest legends in gaming to date. Don't look for a replacement when Miyamoto is finished though, look for someone who does something new.

Knight_Cid2392d ago

He is the most important figure in gaming right now

He was directly involved in the majority of the highest selling and highest reviewed games this gen.

There is nobody more important to this industry

360ICE2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

BS, the most IMPORTANT (not the best developers, but the most important) people in the industry are those who develop new franchises, and who raise industry standards (not neccessarily graphicall). The pioneers. And Miyamoto has been one of the greatest pioneers of all time, also he did help design the Wii quite recently, but after that he's pretty much been sailing explored sea - which he does very well, but it's the boats riding the new waves that are most important to the continued success and rising popularity of this industry. Again, since there might be Nintendo fanboys here I have to be very clear. I believe that Miyamoto is not the most IMPORTANT man in the industry right NOW, but that he certainly has been for some time, and I would consider him as the greatest developer of all time. Also he's Japanese.

Pretty much what Sugreev said.

Knight_Cid2391d ago


your completely off base. The most important devs are the people in the industry who are the best at what they do, have impact in the industry. And that is no many other than miyamoto

New franchises are irrelevant if they are shit.

Miyamoto didnt raise industry standards? Over 25 of his games this gen have either sold over 10 million copies or are the highest reviewed games in the genre they were in.

"Also hes japanese'

what the hell is this? are you racist>...........

Rayko2392d ago

without him we would only be experiencing COD games and COD-ripoffs. Thank to Nintendo, I still, with many others enjoy games.

Sugreev20012392d ago

He's a legend in this industry,I don't know what Nintendo would do without him.But I do not like when Nintendo fanboys assume that every other freakin' game developer just makes COD ripoffs,that is just mindless and one of the most ignorant statements you can make anywhere.That very statement can be leveled against Nintendo too,who have their very own mantra.You know,not everyone enjoys their games...and by Nintendo fanboy logic,you HAVE to like their games.They consider it blasphemy if you speak against one of their games,and make ignorant statements like you did above.

Squatch832392d ago

Id say hes among the most important people to ever be in gaming.

Nolan Bushnell: Started Atari and got the industry to be popular.
Hiroshi Yamauchi: Made Nintendo into a games company.
Shigsy: Created Mario, and that game with the NES rescued the industry from the crash.

Sugreev20012392d ago

The American gaming industry had crashed in 1983,not every country went through the same.Nintendo only rescued the American game industry when the NES was launched.The Japanese gaming industry and the European gaming industry was flourishing in 1983.Computer gaming was going strong in both.Please do a little research next time.

karlowma2391d ago

This is an extremely well crafted, albeit late, response to the Miyamoto retirement scandal of 2011. Seems to be almost a tactic of Japanese companies, to claim miscommunication and take their time releasing a well thought out response. I laughed when Iwata mentioned the internet being a scary place (friend codes lol). Miyamoto is an icon of the industry, no doubt.