Man vs Machine breaks world record with 1000 players fighting simultaneously on a single battlefield

DSOGaming writes: "This is amazing. You thought that PlanetSide’s '600 players' fight was awesome? Wait till you see this new, 1K fight from Man vs Machine, a browser-based FPS that is created by the Swedish developer MuchDifferent. Contrary to other MMO’s, Man vs Machine has managed to support 1000 players in the same game session as they were giving their best in a single FPS battlefield. This is just awesome and there is also a video from that fight bellow, so be sure to check it out."

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CrimsonEngage2394d ago

Now try using a more up to date game engine. *trollface*

pr0digyZA2394d ago

Awesome, still love the 1000 Ai battle for arma 2 though.

Ddouble2394d ago

Doesn't really look like much fun with guns. If they had an older setting with swords and sheilds then count me int.

Something like this

gtxgamer22393d ago

Umm 600 players is impressive for an engine that is much more powerful than this. If SOE dumbed down the graphics they could make a game with more than 1000 players.