NeverDead PS3 review OPM

Excuse me while I channel my inner Queen Of Hearts… “Off with his head!” Although, in Never Dead’s case, it’s ‘off with his bloody everything’. In these days of super-safe military shooters, it’s nice to see a game go out on a limb – alright, all of its limbs – and try something new. And for all its rough edges, this silly slasher can at least claim the crown of being the only PS3 game to let you control a decapitated, unkillable bonce.

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Grimhammer002301d ago

Any game where half of it's combat mechanics don't meaningfully work & massive screen tearing....that sur ain't a 7/10.
Maybe a 5/10, and I'm being generous.

Pity, I thought this game looked good.

HarryMasonHerpderp2301d ago

Thats a shame thought this game looked
kinda cool and original (beating enemys up
with your dismembered legs an arms etc lol)
still a 7 is worth checking out when its gone
down in price.