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Ryu Hayabusa goes global for the third in the slice ‘em series

Once Ryu Hayabusa’s health drops below 30 per cent he’ll automatically start blocking and evading attacks. While that sounds like invincibility it actually helps teach beginners gamers the timing required and encourages them to improve during the period where in-game defence isn’t being handled by the game.

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h311rais3r2270d ago

Can't wait. Been a fan since the originals!(not the Xbox original either!)

ZippyZapper2270d ago

Ninja Gaiden + QTE = not Ninja Gaiden.

I'll pass and wait for Devels Third

ElliePage2270d ago

Implying tutorial/demo levels = QTEs.

Ninja Gaiden 3 is looking like the best 3D Ninja Gaiden so far.

Go ahead and enjoy Devil's Turd though.