MediaKick Review: SoulCalibur V

MediaKick: "While Namco Bandai’s sister franchise Tekken took the world by storm in the dawn of the 21st century, the SoulCalibur series was successful in its own right. Starting with the oddly named Soul Edge (or Soul Blade, depending on your location), it evolved quickly into the fondly remembered SoulCalibur which stormed across Arcades and Dreamcasts across the globe. Other instalments have featured the likes of Heihatchi Mishima, Link, Spawn and various cast members of the Star Wars franchise as cameo roles. Years have passed since the last retelling of the tale of Souls and Swords. With new contenders to the weapon based fighting sub-genre such as the beautiful Blazblue, it was about time that Namco Bandai release the sixth game in the series – SoulCalibur V. Is the series still as stunning as it has ever been, or has the new blood finally taken the sheen off this stalwart franchise?"

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