Capcom comments on the lack of characters in Street Fighter X Tekken on Xbox 360

Capcom’s Christian Svensson comments about a complaint regarding the lack of exclusive characters in the Xbox 360 version of their upcoming fighting game, Street Fighter X Tekken.

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Yi-Long2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

".... in order to properly "nickel-and-dime" our fans in the near future with all kinds of DLC!"

I'll be waiting for a 'complete' edition to come out next year orso, IF I'm still interested in the game by then... (propably not)

Seriously, if you buy a new Capcom game on day 1 you KNOW they're gonna screw you over with DLC-milking.

tarbis2274d ago

Yeah, they done it SF4 and MVC3. They are sure to do it again with SFxT

Rainstorm812274d ago

They also did it with RE5

DrFUD2274d ago

IF Street Fighter X Tekken (the 2 biggest fight franchises ever) doesn't get you excited then you must not be into fighting games because SFXT is the game fight fans have been asking for 10+ years.

Trying to pretend you don't care because the 360 version sucks compared to the PS3 version is one thing, but if you actually believe the nonsense you're babbling about then you should stop gaming

MasterCornholio2274d ago

The complaints as I stated many times before mostly come from butthurt 360 fans because they are getting the inferior version of the game. But even though the 360 version has less characters and maybe less stages it still is a great game to own. If a 360 owner really wants to play this game he will buy it.


Yi-Long2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

... it's a well-known FACT that Capcom will nickel-and-dime their biggest fans for all they're worth...

... so if you're someone who isn't THAT into these games, it's much smarter to just wait a while until the 'complete' edition gets released for half the price and with all the content.

Basically, you're buying an unfinished product if you buy a Capcom game on day 1, as is evidenced by the DLC that's often available shortly after launch, meaning they kept it out on purpose.

Nitrowolf22274d ago

just cause he's not buying it doesn't mean he's not interested. I'm not buying it either.

Rather not buy an incomplete game when everyone know a super/ultimate edition is coming.

I have my better faith is Tekken X street Fighter since it's by Namco

Rather not bend over for this crap that they have been doing for years now and get the cheaper and more complete version. Even if it means waiting longer

Fishy Fingers2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Complaining serves only, to make you sound like broken records. We know, Capcaom likes DLC, use your wallet to make your stand, not the N4G threads again and again and again...

Boody-Bandit2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

I agree with you that the DLC from nearly "every" publisher this generation is way over done BUT waiting to see which direction Capcom takes with new iteration to see when you will get in is a little silly to me. Unless of course this is the stance you take with ALL games from publishers that do the same thing.

Just take the COD series for example. How does it differ with Activision releasing a new iteration every year and planning the DLC side by side with the release of the game. They average 3 to 4 map packs @ $15 to $20 per pack.

So if you take the same stance with every publsiher than my hats off to you but if not I think it's hypocritical of people to take aim at one developer/publisher.

If you are into fighting games this particular game is a no brainer. If not a hardcore fight fan than I can see maybe holding off BUT Capcom (who I un affectionately have since labeled them as Cashcom) is no different than most companies in the industry today milking their games to death and trying to get every penny they can with DLC. <- Which I myself rarely purchase. I think I have purchase DLC 10 times in all and I own every console and a PC gaming rig.

Yi-Long2274d ago

... I try to boycot as many publishers/developers who do this DLC-milking as I can.

SO far, it's working. I think the ONLY DLC I bought so far has been DLC for TrialsHD (when the DLC was on sale), and DLC for Project Gotham Racing 4 (when it was on sale very very cheaply)

Pretty much ALWAYS I refuse to buy any game that has DLC-announced pre-release. I refuse to buy them full-price, and often I end up not buying it at all (Mass Effect 2, Modnation Racers, Split/Second, Fable 3, etc).

I try to support those rare few publishers/developers who do handle DLC properly, and it also makes it that I will trust them more in the future for doing the right thing when it comes to DLC, making it easier for me to decide if I'm gonna buy their game on day 1 or not.

This generation has been about GREED, and TBH, the more these developers/and publishers have found new ways to nickel-and-dime more money out of my pocket, the less money they have actually received from me, cause instead of buying their games on day 1 for full-price, I now just wait for those DLC-milking games to go down in price and have a 'complete' release, before I buy it.

This basically means that I would have been perfectly fine paying 50-60 euro for Forza 4, if it would have had all the DLC available for free.

Instead, I haven't picked up the game, and I MIGHT pick it up next year orso when there might be a 'complete' edition getting a release for a fraction of the original price! (I bought Forza 3 Ultimate Edition for 8 pounds, NEW!)

It's just a matter of principles. I'm OK with spending 50 euro (or less, obviously) on a game, but I don't want to feel short-changed by DLC that's coming out 3 minutes after I buy it, where they're already pestering me to spend more money.

I just want to spend 50 euro and be assured that I get the complete experience. Very simple.

DLC has made me spend LESS on a game. Not more.

Boody-Bandit2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Yi-Long "DLC has made me spend LESS on a game. Not more."

DLC and greed in general is the cause of a couple of my friends walking away from gaming this generation. I know that might sound a little harsh or over the top but it's true.

I was just talking to one of my friends that stopped gaming a couple years back. He told me that he doubts he will return to gaming next generation as well. He got tired of a game being released than a couple months later DLC hits and it segregates you from your friends that purchase the DLC.

I couldn't disagree with him. Usually when DLC hits I keep playing the game that I purchased on release date and let the rest move on to the DLC. The greed this generation is completely out of control and it's only going to get worse.

Several of my friends have stopped paying for XBL out of principal and not cost. The main problem with this is we are the EXTREME minority. For every one of us that take this stance 100 others will pay for ALL of it.

So my hat is off to you Yi-Long since you walk the talk.

Yi-Long2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

... and yeah, I notice it with online games as well. Some friends will buy the DLC, and other don't and it just splits up the online community for such a game, often with those who didn't purchase the DLC dropping the MP altogether, and those who DID buy it, but seeing their friends move on to something else, also leaving...

The same thing goes for online-passes.

When everyone who had the game could go online and enjoy the MP (= multiplayer), MP had a longer life-span. Now you need an online-pass, so whenever someone is 'done' with a game and sells it, the new owner may not buy the online pass thus he won't replace the player online that left.

I honestly think those greedy developers are shooting themselfs in the foot this generation.

Just look at Capcom: more and more people will feel screwed over by them when they release a bigger and better version of a game for less mony within a year of release. People will wise up and just wait. It will be harder and harder for people to convince their fans to buy their games new and for full-price.

Look at so many MP games where people feel there are too few proper MP maps in a game, only to find out they are for sale 3 minutes after the game is launched. They feel they have bought an incomplete game (they have). They'll remember it for the next time that developer brings out a game. At least I hope so.

And you're right, the problem is that too many people seem to be perfectly fine by being nickel-and-dimed.They just see the small purchase-cost of the 1 item they buy. They don't see the bigger picture. They don't see the total amount of money they end up spending on a game. They don't see the total amount they spend over a year. They don't see that there's something fundamentally and morally wrong with the current greedy system. They don't see the long-term effects on both the lifespan of that game (MP), as well as the effects in the long run for the industry, when we start buying full-priced empty shells of games and have to purchase the proper content later on seperately. Etc etc etc.

This is a very dangerous road the industry is taking. We'll see where it ends, and if I'll jump off the bus before it reaches it's destination.

I'm considering to just invest in a proper gaming-PC for next gen, hook it up to my plasma, get my games for low prices on Steam, and leave consolegaming. I've always been a consolegamer because of the ease of use and being able to just slouch on the bed/couch with a controller, but more and more consolegaming is developing bad habits with patches, DLC-milking, very short online-support, etc etc, while more and more PC-gaming is developing a better ease-of-use.

Boody-Bandit2274d ago

^Rare find on this site

I have to run, late for life. Wanted to say before I take off. A decent gaming rig on your plasma would be sweet. Most people think you need a PC monitor.

I have mine hooked up to 3 x 46" Samsung D8000's ultra slim bezel and the immersion level is unbelievable.

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FrigidDARKNESS2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

360 gamers can protest and don't buy the game. It will surely hurt Capcon and Namco quarterly earnings.
Reading the article sounds as tho they never intended to put the exclusive fighters in the 360 version. Since both companies are Japanese it is exclusively for the Japanese console.
By not buying a company product will surely get there attention quickly when their earnings are falling short.

TheFallenAngel2274d ago

Seriously I can see the put pacman and Mega man but what other exclusive characters can they put?

Peppy la Moca2274d ago

Namco has no ties to this game, they're not even licensing the Tekken characters. The agreement is all done in good faith. Doubt you would see that between 2 western companies or 1 Japanese and one western company. It's kinda risky, could damage the brand when people like yourself don't know that Namco has nothing to do with the game. Maybe some light consulting.

Tito082271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

@ Frigid-That means, less support for the Xbox, & more support for the PS, BTW, Fighters always sells more on PS systems plus 360 version won't sell well in Japan, ASSHOLE, you don't know JACK what you're talking about, that's what happens when idiots like you always sticks to Call of Duty or any other FPS, & most likely Capcom will make their money back from the PS3 version, dumb fool, lol!!!!

fooxy2274d ago

Street Fighter X Tekken Ultimate Edition in 6 months... :D lol

Horny2274d ago

Will this be on psvita? If not I'm sure the ultimate will be.

BigBoss19642274d ago

It's Mortal Kombat all over again

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