War of the Roses is like Battlefield, but with swords

Imagine for a second Battlefield, but strip away the guns and modern day machines and replace it all with swords, crossbows and horses. That's what Paradox is creating with War of the Roses, set to be the biggest game ever made by the company. It's Paradox's dream game, and developer Fat Shark looks to be making something really special here. Plus it helps that Gordan Van Dyke, a former DICE man who has over five years of experience with the Battlefield series, is part of the team.

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Hufandpuf2510d ago

"Plus it helps that Gordan Van Dyke, a former DICE man who has over five years of experience with the Battlefield series, is part of the team."

He helped produce Bad Company 2 so I'm going to buy it. Also, I've always wanted to play a "Battlefield with swords" game.

ATi_Elite2510d ago

WoW nice video! This is the most video of this game I've seen.

.....and now that i see that the combat SO FAR looks to be real time then I'm gonna keep my eye on this.

The game world looks great and i cant wait to see more! If anyone has more info about War of the Roses and it's game play please let me know!

Hufandpuf2510d ago

it's amazing that the "pre-alpha" stage looks better than most games when they are done.

CBaoth2510d ago

Two things I'm unsure about though - character balance and directional attacking/parrying. I would rather classes be kept as unique as possible, i.e. knight is the only class capable of plate armor and shield, archers are the only ones who use bows and crossbows, etc... That way even if it boils down to a rock-paper-scissor type strategy there's still an element of thought that one must approach to be successful in each conflict zone. I hope they also reveal a medic/support class (alchemists) who employ different types of concoctions to provide support, i.e. gunpowder (explosive), sulfur (gas), herbal (medicinal), and phosphor (flashbang). Maybe a rogue class too that dual wields daggers and uses camouflage traps to sneak up from behind. They got a barbarian class so I can hope right?

But dedicated servers and free map packs is music to my ears. Finally a developer who understands that map DLC fragments the community, not enriches it.

Hufandpuf2510d ago

I would like to see an assassin class too. Alchemists would be cool also, but healing from wounds in a short amount of time doesn't seem to fit this game I think. I think the game would benefit from running in, getting killed, respawn, repeat.

The DLC plan seems great and much like how DICE did the Karkand expansion (Although DLC will cost money from now on)

And yes I agree that a heavy soldier SHOULD be able to pick up a bow BUT have some SERIOUS drawbacks in using them. And light units would have to be really slow with two handed weapons.

They revealed perks (Which is fine) but they need to only focus on physical attributes such as speed, accuracy, and maybe even a morale system.

They talked about squads which is wierd though. I'm not against it, but I find it funny that they had squads back then. The maps must be huge though.

AND last but not least, the player count. Simple, if DICE can get 64 players with a solid 60 FPS, than this game should be able to too.

CBaoth2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

let's hope they nerf the jack of all trades builds with severe penalties. Like the devs said it would be ludicrous to think a knight wearing gauntlets and armor would have the same agility using ranged weapons as a dedicated archer. I like your accuracy penalty too if said knight wore a helmet, because naturally it would obstruct his field of vision.

ATi_Elite2509d ago

Ok ok ok

CBaoth your too smart for your own good! After reading your post the dam game sounds like Battlefield 1400 A.D.

J/k you made a bunch of good points but i hope they focus on the SP aspect cause my PC MP schedule is FULL for 2012!