Soul Calibur 5 Xbox 360 vs. PS3 HD Screenshot Comparison

Check out a screenshot comparison between the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Soul Calibur 5.

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Bigbangbing2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

360 ver is a bit sharper, wonder if it's a res difference.. Or a bad AA method

Kennytaur2364d ago

It is, though only slightly. The textures on the elbow in the first image are sharper (it's also the biggest difference so there's nothing to worry about for anyone) and Ezios "belt-buckle" has sharper details aswell. I think the 360 version might have slightly better texture-filtering, but I'd imagine the difference to be more noticable then, so perhaps it's just a difference in AA-method.

OmegaSlayer2364d ago

videogameszone comparison suck a lot.

blackbirdi2364d ago

HD comparison ??? the shots sux why they don't call it SD Comparison

Kennytaur2364d ago

They are in 720p, the resolution the game runs at and it's also a resolution that counts as HD. You just have to click to look at them in their original size. That's why they don't call it an SD comparison.

Saleem1012364d ago

I have game on ps3 the game looks fantastic on ps3 fast past action...

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The story is too old to be commented.