Starhawk Beta Preview [MEGamers]

MEG: "If you’re lucky enough to have gained access to the Starhawk beta in some way or other (perhaps you are a PlayStationPlus subscriber) then this hands-on preview is of little value and you should probably use this time to scan the servers for an open game. For everyone else, I will be walking you through LightBox and Santa Monica studio’s public beta for the much anticipated, Starhawk."

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Emilio_Estevez2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Great beta so far....hoping for some new maps soon. Oh, and some teammates that are not stupid as $#&*

remanutd552393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

best beta i have played on the ps3 so far , but its not a surprise to me since Warhawk still remains my best online experience on the system .

garos822393d ago

im greatly pissed with this beta so far. i have managed only to get in one game so far since 2 days of dling the beta. what grinds my gears is i dont even get an error code or any way to pass on info to the developers to fix it.
the extremely little ive played so far shows great promise with great gameplay features and i loved the visuals but im still very dissapointed.

will try again tonight hoping i get better luck joining in some games

Drekken2393d ago

I was getting in until the last patch. Unable to connect is my error. I hope they fixed it already, because I want to play!

Reaper99372393d ago

The Beta is really awsome, just don't like the changes to the Jet Pack after the latest patch.

Abdou232391d ago

1-Why there are no voiced for the soldiers ?! it feels boring.
2-Why doest it take so much bullets to kill someone ?!

Fragger2k82390d ago

For the voices, it's probably just because there isn't anything in place for it yet. That could change when it's released, but I don't have any problem with them not saying stupid one liners and junk. =P

As for 2, I think it's because they're trying to emphasis the team play factor, especially against the mech thingies. Plus, the weapon you start off with isn't supposed to be amazing or anything. I have yet to use anything but that yet, and I'm still doing pretty well, haha.