Sony knows you want in-game XMB

Sony Computer Entertainment has acknowledged that in-game integration of the PS3's Cross Media Bar (XMB) is one of the console's most requested features.

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jwatt3751d ago

Thats good so they acknowledged it.

Lifendz3751d ago

how long has it been already? C'mon Sony.

colonel1793751d ago

yeaah!! Then why are they so hesitant to give it to us!!! Eric Lempel should get fired and sony should get someone who acts on what people want, not what they want us to get

Genki3751d ago

In fact I think this was addressed on the official blog, but it was never PROMISED.

All of you that keep EXPECTING this crap to show up on every single FW update are only torturing yourselves.

Be pi*sed when they announce it and then it doesn't come...but until then, we can complain for it not being there, but it's foolish to complain as if Sony's doing us dirty and lying about things.

HBK6193751d ago

The thing is that it shouldn't be hard to implement, Resistance have already done this along with many other features which other games and Sony are yet to take up.

Simple fact is, if they know we want it then give it to us, don't tempt us with great games but no way of asking people to join you in one unless you leave the game, send the message and then enter the game again.

Armyless3751d ago

Messaging is a great feature for a console, but if you can't respond to messages WHILE gaming then the message feature is more like email instead of IM (chat).

Mikey_Gee3751d ago

Messaging while playing a game and chat function is an awsome feature to have. I really want to see Sony impliment this. It can't be that hard to do with the level of tech power in the PS3.

Caliber3751d ago

I guess the reason it hasn't been implemented yet is that it'll take up memory which in turn will make games run slower.
They're probably working on a solution that will interfere with the games the least. I hope they take their time and don't just rush something out to shut the people up quickly.

HBK6193751d ago

All they need to do is copy XBOX 360's version of it.

Not too hard surely?

If Resistance have it then I don't see why Sony can't implement it the same.

Ri0tSquad3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

they had about 2 years since it use to be in the PS3s (2005 I believe) and they took it out for some reason..... o_0......

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The story is too old to be commented.