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Casey White wrote : "The customizability of the controller is simply unprecedented. No controller has been able to offer as much customization as this one, providing the opportunity for gamers to have a truly personalized gaming experience. While the controller itself comes with multiple options out of the box, there's sure to be plenty of more options down the road for additional stick designs, d-pads and especially aesthetic changes with the magnetic faceplates, available to consumers online (and in store) as the controller evolves."

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killerhog2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

"providing the opportunity for gamers to have a truly personalized gaming experience".

yup, while your perturb the experience of other legit gamers. really, so having an advantage that developers did not intend for you to have makes you a "pro-gamer"? no sorry, it makes you a dastard.

bodybombs2389d ago

dude there has been after market controllers since the first ever console game. my OG nintendo had a turbo controller, devs know these controllers exist and there is nothing wrong with having them.

thats like saying if you buy a gaming keyboard and mouse you're playing unfairly because some people play with the ones that come with the pc

killerhog2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

firstly, i never said there wasnt 3rd party controllers, so i am cognizant. secondly, not till the DC did console gaming go online, so i do not care if your coward arse needs to cheat offline. third, even with 3rd party controllers being made during those time, it was still rare to find modded rapid fire and auto-aim controllers. not till this generation (the generation of punks) did the market become flooded with modded controllers. fourth, while 99% of gamers are still using default controllers, YOU guys are CHEATING, its why some devs do block/ban for the use of modded controllers.

i mean why do you think a "PRO" tournament like MLG forbids and bans players from using modded controllers (now, this is information another user gave me when i said otherwise about MLG)? theres no skill in the controller assisting your aim and giving you an advantage to fire quicker then what was programmed.

you can tell who the punks are when they stick up for garbage like this. you guys are a joke, you cant hand-to-hand or gun-to-gun so ya need: exploits, hacks, glitches, modded controllers, etc. to delude yourself into believing youre good.

i like how modded control using cheaters can: jump and shoot in kz3 (i cannot), have no delay in guns that spin before firing (R2 wraith), can get headshots easily without even properly aiming at you, no recoil, no gun sway, etc..

and do not tell me to 'buy one', im sorry if i use skill to dominate ya, so ya need all the help (cheating) ya need. if you defend modded controllers youre a punk simple as that. i got my high stats in: R1, R2, Kz2, Kz3, MAG, using a default controller, taking out cheaters like ya. i hate modded controllers (even though 8/10 time sill dominate ya, so dont get it twisted)) because at times ya get those unfair kills ya shouldnt of gotten.

P.S to your keyboard analogy, regardless of the keyboard you use, you can mod the controls. not the same for a default controller and a modded controller. really people love coming up with bad analogies.

bodybombs2385d ago

i have a razer onza tournament edition controller for the 360, it has adjustable thumbsticks for tension and two programmable buttons on the top next to the bumpers that allow you to remap the controller to your liking. i have no use for rapid fire, and ive never heard of a controller for aim assist.

tl;dr my controller has sensitivity and button remapping options and thats it.

i dont care what you say, you arent gonna change anything and people are going to keep using them. i always say, if you cant beat em' join em'