PlayStation Vita - Where's The Hype?

MMGN: Did you know that the PlayStation Vita will be released in just a few short weeks? In fact, it has already been released in Japan, did you know about that? Me neither. The hype has been almost non-existent.

New handhelds and consoles generally go through several phases of excitement ahead of release. There’s the buzz that echoes around the internet when the device is first announced, followed by months of speculation where everything begins to tapper off.

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Colwyn2359d ago

no hype needed. the device is amazing and speaks for itself. its also launching with 30 games

MariaHelFutura2359d ago

Unfortunately, the hype has been smothered by hate.

BrutallyBlunt2359d ago

The product looks amazing but it's somehow diminished on game forums when you have fanatics like Colwyn in every topic.

Kur02359d ago

Sony needs to fire their whole marketing team. Most people I know here in the US haven't even heard of the Vita.

smashcrashbash2359d ago

It is a sad thing when 'hype' is all people care about. People just seem to want any junk as long as it is 'hyped'. The VITA commercials will come soon enough. I think if VITA is a solid systems with great games should be the first thing on people's minds but no. People will buy dirt from my backyard if I hype it enough

Hicken2359d ago

I had a funny comment about how we'd be paying for digital-only commercials advertising sales of games that never get made if this trend continues, but then n4g decided it couldn't find itself.

Ionvein2359d ago

I think "hype" is too important now-a-days, look at the 3DS that was alot of hype. Look at the Wii and their motion gaming hype. I've played the Vita and it's a great handheld, launch titles like Gravity Rush and Little Deviants will speak enough for the success of the Vita, and those games aren't even talked about instead everyone is talking about Uncharted and Modnation.

Ionvein2359d ago

The only downside to the Taco Bell promotion going on is that it isn't happening everywhere in the US, I know people who didn't know what I was talking about when I posted my pic of the $5 on facebook because they don't even have the ads playing there.

thedude442359d ago

im in arizona here, they just had one on like 10 minutes ago. maybe its regional.

XboxInnovation2359d ago

Sony is killing themselves this gen, they have no clue how to market and who to market too. They practically destroyed their best exclusives like Killzone, Socom, Resistance and others with no marketing or hype.

MariaHelFutura2359d ago

Yeah. The marketing sucks. Which is weird cause last gen they were great at marketing and had a lot of amazing commercials. This gen, no so much. When I really notice is when KZ2 launched. Anyone w/ any sense in that company would have had the "ballet of death" trailer running all day on TV. LBP1/2 aswell, I saw almost NO marketing go into that game and that game is made for commercial like Ratchet was. Its sad. MS on the other can make something mediocre into the best thing in existence.

Colwyn2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Not advertising too much when it comes to playstation is about logic and experience on sonys part.

Sony has a lot of exclusives and advertising can lead to big successes but failures also. Look at games like demons souls or yakuza, they sold because of word of mouth just like a lot of other titles on sonys platform. When Sony has a proven franchise I normally see a bit more advertisement with sequels

I love the hardcore nature of the xbox 360 but kinect had a half a million dollar advertising campaign but it sold basically the same as ps move which had very little advertisement. I would have rather Microsoft used that money to fund 10 or so exclusive games or open new game studios than advertising kinect.

mcstorm2359d ago

I have to agree with you. I know alot of people say that hype is a bad thing but if you want to sell your product to the massed you have to make Hype about it.

Look at MS for years they just relied on there name for selling products and then Apple managed to cerate Hype around there products and now they have become as big as MS and are fighting in some of the markets MS were big in.

At the end of the day Technology is wanted by everyone now not just geeks but no everyone keeps up to date with what is out there and creating hype of the product helps sell it but it has to be done the right way.

This is why MS now push everything they do the best they can to get there name out there as being a cool company rather than a business one.

Sony now need to start doing this for the Play station brand. If you look at some of the big games on the 360 and PS3 Halo/Killzone UC/Gears Forza/GT each 360 game has been pushed like mad here in the UK by ms and each one of them ive had a massive buzz for when ive seen the advert where Ive had excitement for the PS3 exclusives but Sony did not push them in the same way MS did with there big names.

Son a few years ago was a brand know for quality but they have lost this edge in there markets of TV's, Wlakman's, HiFi/Audio, mobile Phones and now Game consoles and they now need to start to pickup there game again to get the masses back to buying there products again.

I am a big fan of Sony products I have a Sony TV, Walman Surround sound and PS3 but I can see why people pick Samsung ect over a sony tv as they tend to get the same quality and some times better for less cost.

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