Mass Effect Fans Fact-Check Mass Effect Novel, Find a Ton of Mistakes

Mass Effect: Deception is the latest fictional spin-off from the sci-fi role-playing series, a novel due for release very soon. Previous novels in the franchise have been written by Drew Karpyshyn. This one, though, is written by a newcomer, William C. Dietz, and with some copies are already out there, fans are finding the thing is full of errors.

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Megaton2393d ago

I knew to be skeptical when I saw it was being written by a new guy -a guy who had written a bad Halo book- but I didn't think it was going to be THIS bad. They should have kept Drew Karpyshyn or just not created it at all. His three Mass Effect books are pretty good.

SKUD2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Fornax. I'm ok with this.

Megaton2393d ago

Good thing Fornax volume 2 was launched today. That makes one quality piece of Mass Effect literature releasing today, since this 4th novel is total trash.

DidYouRikeIt2393d ago

Seeing as Bioware are the writers (Particularly the great Hamuburger Helper) I don't see what the big deal is. They created them, so they can make any plot twists they see fit, you guys are being absurd and are grasping at straws. GET A LIFE!

FrightfulActions2392d ago

I believe you're greatly underestimating just how significant some of these 'twists' are. Imagine someone making a book about Star Wars and they say the Death Star looked like a giant cube made by Borg. Some of these mistakes are just too big to ignore, and if you've ever played the game, not even having read all the little things in the game like codex, but just played it (or hell, use google image search) some of these things are just such obvious errors. Not twists, at all.

FrightfulActions2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Just got done reading through some of the errors in the google doc... some of these really are... just... wow. Like, to the point that its painfully obvious that the writer never played, or even watched the game before (youtube has a few 'movies' of the game users have placed together for plot). Did he even read script or look at concept art? Because some of these mistakes really are just... well, unforgivable really. No respect for the subject he's writing about, apparently. Thats depressing. :(

As much as I want to read it and find out what happens to Grayson's daughter... I don't know anymore. It sounds to be filled with so many errors that it's like I'd be misinformed on everything going on. I've read fanfiction significantly more consistent than this... I hope I see something from BioWare soon apologizing and acknowledging these errors. Again, some of them are really, really bad. Did no one who actually worked on or played the game actually read this before making it official? I know I said it already, but this is depressing. I /really/ was looking forward to this continuation in the novel series. Dang. :/

Megaton2393d ago

It's so, so bad. Nothing good comes out of this book, especially if you have any investment in the characters. I won't spoil it for you, but really, it's bad.

Smashbro292393d ago

How do you write a book that continues the plot of a "choose your own adventure" game? Like what if one of your partners die in game? Not like they could take him out of the book.

Megaton2393d ago

The novels aren't about Shepard or any of the other game characters except Captain Anderson, Saren, The Illusive Man, and Aria. They largely revolve around a woman named Kahlee Sanders.

Drazz2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

This is what happens when u align yourself with a company whose focus is 90% profit 10% quality. I think we all know whom I'm referring to... Ever since their acquisition I've noticed a steady decline in substance and a hefty addition of flash. Started with ME2 and has continued on. (DAII, SWTOR)